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BOOT FAILURE ISSUE Windows Home Server

By march2it ·
I had a functioning Windows Home Server (WHS) and it suddenly restarted and now fails to boot with a BOOT FAILURE message. The system has 2 eSata drives and the OS is on A 20 GB drive partition that WHS sets up on the secondary drive.

I have:
1. Run the SpinRight diagnostics on all drives and all seems fine.
2. Used the Recovery Console from Server 2003 to look at the system and it sees the \WINDOWS system and allows me access with my Admin password.
3. Ran CHKDSK /P and all reports fine.
4. Ran FIXMBR and FIXBOOT and although both reported success, I still get the same BOOT FAILURE error.

Any suggestions on what to do next will be appreciated.


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Couple of thoughts

by robo_dev In reply to BOOT FAILURE ISSUE Window ...

A google search on 'boot failure whs' turned up all sorts of cases just like yours...without fixes!!

Look VERY closely at all bios settings...especially SATA1 versus SATA2, and make sure Bios is identifying the drives accurately.

I had a similar problem on an XP box. It turned out to be a bios problem where the bios was not seeing the drive geometry correctly (a bios update fixed it).

The WEIRD part was that the machine was working for several months without a problem. Then during a storm, a UPS failed, and the system lost power. It would not was giving 'insert boot disk' errors. Tried everything, but finally a bios update fixed it. I never expected that would be the fix.

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Make sure that the operating system is ONLY on one disk.

And not two drives as you have posted. IE: "OS is on A 20 GB drive partition that WHS sets up on the secondary drive". If you are going to use RAID then load on the Raid drivers when asked for on the install. If you still have problems then a good old re-install will do it. But make sure you have a backup in place.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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