Boot failure

By dseaman_797 ·
Ok so a client brought this pc to me (Dell Dimension 8400) I get the msg "We apologize for the inconvenience windows did not start successfully ...etc.etc and a bunch of options mode , start normally etc.No matter which option I choose the machine magically restarts itself :).My next line of attack was to run a windows can't see the drive which is SATA by the way.I also tried all the SATA controllers on the board and the result was the same.
Then I tried using another sata drive that I had (and I know it works) but it fails to see that one also.
My conclusion is there is something wrong with the controllers on the board .What do you guys think?

I should also mention that i also replaced the cmos battery cause the old one was well .....old :)

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Try swapping the memory out...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Boot failure

I have seen stubborn dell machines with bad memory puke at just about anything you throw at it.

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So have I!!

by dseaman_797 In reply to Try swapping the memory o ...

I didn't think of that at all!! I'll give it a shot I just have to find some extra memory :S

Thanks I'll let you know how it goes

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no change with different ram but

by dseaman_797 In reply to Try swapping the memory o ...

I remembered something while trying to run the windows repair.The dell pc uses a sata drive and I'm wondering if it can't detect the drive because of the lack of these sata drivers.So my next question is,and pretty much my last straw with this pc is how can i get those drivers onto a windows disk.I've slipstreamed an sp3 onto awin xp disc hoping it would have the drivers but that didnt work.I used Nlite which is really cool .

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Boot failure

Yeah it sounds like a motherboard problem to me too.

Sometimes Power supplies can give you weird problems. do you Have a Power supply tester? or spare you can swap with?

Did you ask the user if they had any power outages lately?

Good Luck

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So funny you asked that question

by dseaman_797 In reply to Hmm

I actually just got off the phone with the client and that was one of the questions I asked her :) Her response was no. I can get my hands on a tester.

Thanks I'll keep you posted :)

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Run the Dell Diag

by LarryD4 In reply to Boot failure

You can download the Diagnostic from the Dell web site and it will test the drives and the contollers, as well as all the other hardware and tell you where problem is.

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Don't know about that

by dseaman_797 In reply to Run the Dell Diag

Remember the pc won't even boot so downloading and installing or even running the dell diagnostics is impossible :)....Unless I do it from another dell pc hmmm I wonder if I can install the HDD in another dell pc and run that diagnostic to test the drive?

Thanks for the advice ...I'll keep you posted

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is it worth it?

by Snuffy09 In reply to Don't know about that

you could pull the drive and install in another pc and run the test... But you already know that the Mobo wont even see a good SATA drive. so the drive shouldnt be the problem.

Im intrested to hear about the outcome :)

Good luck

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If you replaced the CMOS battery....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Boot failure

... did you go into the BIOS to make sure the settings are all correct so it detects the drive correctly?

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I double check that already

by dseaman_797 In reply to If you replaced the CMOS ...

Oddly enough it sees the drive in the bios and it gets to the point where the windows slash screen comes up but only for a split second and then the machine reboots.

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