Boot Faliure

By gunjantech004 ·
I am unable to boot my PC most of the times.Whenever I switch on my PC,I see the following message nine ot of ten times.
?DiskError/Boot Faliure
Reboot and select proper boot device or insert Boot media in selected boot device?.

If I press enter after this messages & keep pressing following messages appear from time to time (Not simultaneously).

1. Following file is courrupted
2. Following file is courrupted
3. Could?nt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)
NTLDR: Could?nt open drive

If just after making the switch on, I press F2 key to check the boot device preference, it is completely ok(all the options for booting are set to Hard disk).So there is no problem of that side.
If just after making the switch on , I press f11 key to reach the boot menu I always find the 1.44 MB Floppy option highlighted as the booting choice.(though there had not been any floppy in the floppy drive, I don?t have any really)I make the hard disk option highlighted & it solves the problem only a few times. But next time when I try F11 key to check the boot menu again I find 1.44 MB floppy highlighted.

To solve my problem
1..I reinstalled Win XP no. of times from different CDs but it really did?nt solve the problem.
2.I even changed my hard disk & the same problem is appearing.I have brand new Samsung (80 GB) hard disk & even my earlier had disk was found completely fine.
3.I ran the virus scan of MCC-Afee though it really has no link as I even changed my hard disk & booted from different Windows

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BIOS problems

by gsquared In reply to Boot Faliure

The fact that you've changed the hard drive and still have the same problem, and that it keeps reverting to the floppy drive as the default boot device indicates to me that this is probably a BIOS problem.

That may be solvable if you can flash the BIOS. You'd have to check with the company that made the motherboard for options on that. They probably have a Web page with instructions for it.

It might be simpler to try replacing the motherboard and see if that fixes your issues. (BIOS flashing, unless you know what you're doing, can be tricky.)

If you can, put the hard drive in a different computer and see if it can boot from your hard drive. If so, then it's not the hard drive and not the Windows install.

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Try this simple way first

by dlauxx In reply to Boot Faliure

I had the same problem, and still having it.

I re-installed WinXP Pro (not clean re-install but as an upgrade, i.e. another copy of the old O/S was on the disk).

When I connect another hard disk to the secondary IDE channel, then the "DISK ERROR, BOOT FAILURE" problem is gone.

No harm to try this first, and would appreciate it if you could tell me the result to see I am not alone.

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The first option to boot off a Floppy is fine

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Boot Faliure

Provided that you have nothing in the Floppy Drive it will skip this and go to the next Boot device which can be either the HDD, LAN or CD ROM. Again if you don't have a bootable Disc in the CD ROM it will then go to the next Boot Device and that will be either the LAN or HDD depending on how the system is set.

If you are constantly making changes and after a Power Down they are no longer applying I would check the simple things first.

Do the Date & Time stay correct on the Reboot? Is there a Jumper to Clear the BIOS and is it correctly positioned? if it's set to the wrong position there is now power available to the RTC or the BIOS to keep it working correctly.

Never the Less I would consider replacing the BIOS Battery with a new one that has been tested for the correct voltage prior to it being fitted and then try to setup your BIOS again. Remember that you have to Save the Changes before Exiting BIOS or they will not apply.

If this persists it sounds as if the IDE Controller on the M'Board is in the process of going bad and on an intermittent failure is causing the unit to fail to work correctly. If that's the case and the unit is still Under Guarantee I would shoot it straight back to the maker for a replacement M'Board to be fitted. If the unit is no longer UG you can try fitting an IDE to PCI Controller Card as a short term work around to bypass the Onboard IDE Controller completely.

First I would suggest that you try a new Data Lead as these are cheap and are known to fail and if that fails to works you should start looking for a replacement M'Board now.


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