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boot hang

By qntm7 ·
hi ,,a friends g4 powerbook was unplugged while deleting a large amount of files.
now the system boots to a screen saying holddown the powerbutton to restart and it will keep booting back to this grey screen,the screen has several different languages and 12 FF:FFs sepeprated by colons.i have tryed to boot to single user/verbose i get the screen but it wont except commands,just has a message sayin ,,were hangn here,the only access i have is by holding command control +o+f , this brings me to a grey screen which will except commands so is there any way i can fix it at this point,ps,,, it wont boot to safe mode,and i dont have any installation discs,so is there any command lines to open it up.thanks in advance

ps i have been to the apple website and have tryed all of there kernel panic thrublshooters as i said above no safe mode no verbose/single user mode,dont have a start disc,or an operating system disc,,,is there a download mayb from the net that would repair the software already on the g4,,,,thanks in advance

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by lyon_bleu In reply to boot hang

The command line you saw was for Open Firmware which is
utilized to control the early part of the boot sequence. If you can
fit a file system repair utility in Forth into the OF NVRAM, I would
be sincerely impressed.

Since you know about cmd-S for "Single User Mode", you
probably know about P-R-opt-cmd which resets the PRAM and
the NVRAM to default values.

Although it won't actually "repair" anything, if you suspect deep
corruption of the several NVRAMs, you can reset the Power
Management Unit (PMU); this incidently resets just about
everything but the hard drive to default settings. See <http://> for details.

Your only recourse is to find a way to boot the machine from an
alternative disk and several alternatives follow:

Is there more than one bootable volume on the hard drive? If so,
holding down cmd-E should allow you to select it.

If you know someone else with another Mac running OS X, you
can press cmd-T to put the PowerBook into "target disk mode"
which allows it to be attached to another computer running OS X
as an external FireWire drive, and attempt to repair or restore
from there.

As a real long shot, you could try downloading a copy of a CD-
based Linux distro for PPC such as Knoppix or Ubuntu, burn the
bootable CD, and run fsck from the CD-ROM; it might just
stabilize the file system enough to get into Single User Mode,
complete the file system repair, and rebless the '/Volumes/
disk_name/System/CoreServices' folder. Be aware that there are
subtle changes to the options for the 'bless' command
depending on OS version.

Feel free to send me a private message if you need any further



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by agp In reply to boot hang

I can reboot my G4 PowerBook from OpenFirmware
with 'setenv boot-device hd:3,\System\Library\
Navigate OF using printenv,devalias,dev hd ,dev / ls
I'm running 10.3.9

See Mike's Mac OSX Management & Software Tips,

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