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    Boot Loader

    by mvpcurtis ·


    Hello everyone.

    I’m trying to get into Linux and I’ve just purchased another HDD where I’d like to install a Linux OS. I don’t want to disperse of my Windows environment, I’d like the choice between the two.

    So, my question is where do I install the boot loader? Do I install it on my SSD where my Windows environment lives or should I install it on the HDD where my Linux system is going to live? I also have another HDD installed for my Windows system where the programs get installed etc.

    I believe my motherboard is UEFI if that means anything.

    Thank you.

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      Wherever you want.

      by rproffitt ·

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      There is no wrong answer here. Some folk like a boot menu and it to continue to one or the other OS. Some want the boot loader to be on each HDD without the menu and you use this PC’s F9 or BIOS BOOT ORDER MENU to select which drive to boot from.

      As to UEFI, almost all PCs I see now are UEFI so Linux supports that unless you are attempting to run a version from the dark ages.

      -> Why install Linux like that since you are just starting out?

      I suggest:

      1. Bootable versions on USB sticks. Why? You may want to try out half a dozen distros before you find which one you like.
      2. Install Linux into a VM. I use VirtualBox since a) free and b) I can delete the Linux install if I don’t like it with ease.
      3. VirtualBox. May as well learn how to use Virtual Machine.

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      Boot loader installation

      by steventillson02 ·

      In reply to Boot Loader

      You have to install it on your system drive.

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      Maybe you can do like this

      by lacdau ·

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      1. Just install Linux to your HDD as you want
      2. Once finish, go to your UEFI setting, set the priority boot to your HDD (where Linux installed)
      3. Boot into Linux, open the terminal, type:
      # sudo os-prober (If window 10 exists, continue. If not, google and try other ways)
      # sudo update-grub
      -> Whenever you open your computer, the Linux and Window 10 entries will appear at the grub menu so you can choose which you want to boot into

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      install the boot loader

      by tm6829870 ·

      In reply to Boot Loader

      The boot loader needs to be installed where the BIOS is looking for something to boot. To keep things simple, you usually have a disk drive where your computer boots from, you install a GNU/Linux system in that disk and the bootloader gets there too.

      The only things you need from the bootloader are really:

      That the BIOS is able to find it
      That it is able to find and boot your Operating System (with Linux, you just need the bootloader to have somehow access to the kernel and, if you’re using one, the initrd image.)
      As far as you have these two points covered, you install it where it is more convenient and where the BIOS will look for it.

      The BIOS will usually look for bootloaders in the Master Boot Record of hard drives, a small area in the beginning of the drive where you can put some code to be run. You can also have a bootloader installed at the beginning of a partition.

      Bootloaders are usually small enough to fit in these small areas, and even if they don’t, they must put something there so the BIOS boots the bootloader.

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