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boot malmo virus

By meeva ·
I need help in removing boot malmo virus from windows 2000 and xp machines. please help

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by Link999 In reply to boot malmo virus

Here's a couple of sites that might be able to help you remove the Boot.Malmo (also known as: Junkie) virus:

Good Luck !!

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How to remove boot malmo

by jayjesko In reply to boot malmo virus

Boot your computer with a windows 98 startup disk for ntfs partitions ignore hdd errors at the command prompt type fdisk /mbr press enter and emmediately turn off the computer.This helps you to remove the virus that is resident in memory this applies to all windows operating systems, fat and ntfs partitions. Switch on the computer you will not see bootmalmo again. FROM JAGWE JESKO UGANDA KAMPALA TEL 256772392120 EMAIL JAYJESKO@YAHOO.COM

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Removing Boot.Malmo Virus with the command line ?fdisk /mbr?

by peter.williams In reply to How to remove boot malmo

Removing Boot.Malmo virus with the command line ?fdisk /mbr? works but be warned in case you have infected multiple hard drives in your system other than just your Primary hd0.

You may not see your data afterwards, should this procedure be performed on other hard disks other than your Primary hd0 (assuming this is were your O/S is installed).

If this is the case, do not panic. Do not even think about formatting or repartitioning your hard drive. Take a Kit Kat instead!

I hope you do have access to a second PC running a disk management tool (e.g MS Windows Disk Management Tool, or even a Third Part Application such as Power Quest Partition Magic). All you have to do is reassign your hard drive/s a letter (D, E, F etc) to gain access to your data (to make your disks active).

For further reference about the command line ?fdisk /mbr?, you may find the following link handy:

Have Fun!

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