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boot options on ibm pc 300gl 65**

By arohnean ·
I have an IBM pc 300gl 65** and on start let me boot only from floppy disk. In Bios i can't find where i can choose boot sector. Is it a diskette to select boot drive or something else? How can change the boot dreve? In bios don't let me to di this. Please help me.
Thank you

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by sgt_shultz In reply to boot options on ibm pc 3 ...

we are such gluttons for punishment, aren't we?
here is something, hope it helps.
substitute 'hard disk' for 'network'. i got this off in the support section. hurry and get all the bios updates and download they have there because as you know they sold the pc business to a chinese company so who knows how long this info will be easily available
How to set your system's BIOS to boot from the network:
1. Turn on the computer and watch the screen for the IBM logo to come on.
2. At this point press F1 to go to Configuration/Setup .
3. In the Configuration/Setup please select Startup from the menu.
4. Next select Startup Sequence at the top.
5. Please set the Primary Boot to be Network , 2nd to be Diskette , 3rd to CD-ROM (if an option), 4th to Hard Disk .
6. The bottom of this section is the Automatic Startup , please enable this and set to the same parameters as above.
7. You can now press ESC to exit to the Main Configuration menu.
8. Exit by choosing Save and Exit from the menu

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