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Boot Problem

By alvinckm ·
I have an old PC work no problem but now can not boot into the system. every time i boot the PC, it can detect the harddisk but can not boot in Windows 98 and no error message shown! I have test the harddisk at other PC and it works well, could it be the main board problem? or? Please help.

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by artytech In reply to Boot Problem

Have to have more info. Make sure there is no disk in the floppy. No CD in the CDROM drive. Any error messages? Anything on the screen? Can you boot into safe mode? What kind of motherboard? Can you hear the HDD spinning up? Does anything else not work?

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by helloparminder In reply to Boot Problem

try installin the OS again. may also reqiure a format. do u have a boot up disk...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Boot Problem

Download the Ultimate Boot CD from

change your BIOS to boot from the CD and run the diagnostics. That is the only way to tell if the M'Board is no longer working properly and it has the utilities to check the CPU, RAM and everything else in the unit as well as all the major HDD testing utilities.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Well the only way that you are going to find out is to reconnect the CD ROM and try running some diagnostics to see what is happening.

Try my above suggestion to properly diagnose the possible problems or you can just resort to changing things until it eventually works again but that way you'll be wasting a lot of money unnecessarily and if you can not get an identical M'Board you'll still need to reload Windows nd all your software.

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by alvinckm In reply to Boot Problem

Actually no floppy disk, no cd rom, i have disconnect all the removable device and the harddiskis spinning, i have try to use different ide cable but i did not work also. the bios also set to boot harddisk as the first priority device. I wonder that could be mother board problem.

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by master3bs In reply to Boot Problem

It could be hardware or software. If the hard disk is fine; and it boots to DOS; try running this command:

fdisk /mbr

Be gentle with fdisk though. :) With the wrong parameters you could erase the hard drive.

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by nazil dsouza In reply to Boot Problem

ok just connecta cdrom and use a bootable disk load fdisk and check the partition if it shows that means there are partition in it next restart using the bootable disk and try loading 98 into it it should work ....... if it does not show any partition but gets detected then the hardisk is into problem

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