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boot problem

By mhoolighan ·
Please help!
I have an AMD ATHLON 1 GHZ ADVENT PC running Windows Me, when i try to boot it up i only get to the first Athlon Screen where it should start the memory check but it just sticks there. Cd ad CD rewriter lights come on but no light on floppy or keyboard. I also get one continuos long beep. I have reseated the memory, graphics card and video card, removed the cd, dvd player and the cd rewriter and just left the floppy plugged in but still nothing. I cannot get into the bios because my keyboard seems to be dead and the windows me recovery disk wont work because the floppy doesnt seem to be working. I have 128 mb of memory but it only shows 32mb on the screen that comes up, any ideas ?

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re boot problem

by gbrownlee In reply to boot problem

The first thing I would do is open the box and see who the manufacturer of the BIOS is. Then visit their web site and see what the one long beep means. Sounds like a hardware problem.

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Boot Problem

by dougbell4422 In reply to re boot problem

The long and I assume continuous beep (tone) is usually associated with loss of ram. Open case and make certain that the ram chips are seated properly in their sockets. Ground yourself to the case.

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Dead Keyboard

by jdmercha In reply to boot problem

It could very well be a dead keyboard. Try another keyboard.

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Not a problem.

by dbucyk In reply to boot problem

If you get one long beep and you can get to the bios screen, you are fine.

What is the problem is defective RAM. If you can boot up your computer, then the CPU is fine. After that, the RAM is checked and then other internal components of the computer.

Just get some new RAM and have them test it if they can with some utilities. I have heard of people buying new RAM and it appeared to be fine. After running some RAM utilities, it turned out to have some defects.

This should solve your problem. (I'm an A+ and Network+ technician)

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