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    boot problem


    by macsilvan ·

    I built a new computer from parts bought from different vendors. while I was at the start of installing windows xp on the hard drive, an error message appeared like an internal error in the system and suggesting me to remove the bad hardware or flash the bios etc. the next time i boot the computer, it FREEZES after few seconds of boot but it recognizes the io devices (cd r/w, disk drive, hard drive and zip drive). when it stops the disk drive and cd r/w drive lights are on.
    I removed the hard drive connection and reboot it and it went through, i tried the hard drive on another computer and it worked. can somebody suggest something to fix this problem please? do i really need to flash the bios???

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      try this…

      by jeff.gilden ·

      In reply to boot problem

      You can try disabling or disconnecting, all non-needed hardware to install Windows XP, then when you get it installed, enable all of the hardware. There might be a problem or conflict with some of the hardware you have installed.

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        Jeff, you are right!!!

        by thomas.weidinger ·

        In reply to try this…

        The geatest problem for XP is the hardware.
        If XP doesn?t agree with the HD,CD/CDRW,DVD or burning divices try to install the parts manual.
        To do your HD make a turn with “fdisk”.

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      Your Pc is made of?

      by thomas.weidinger ·

      In reply to boot problem

      tell me what parts you?ve used to build up your PC?

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