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    boot problem


    by unclegarbage ·

    ive put in a new hard drive with windows 98 in a old computer, its only got 20mb memory and a 486 at 50mhz, when i boot up it says
    autotyping 0master,,, autotyping failed
    system reconfigured
    failure fixed disk 0
    then an error code of acfg error8603fff
    i do know that the hard drive is good, it works fine what is the problem?

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      boot problem

      by timthetoolman ·

      In reply to boot problem


      At a guess, I’d say your motherboard wont support a large hard drive. I expect your new one is 20+ Gb?

      You may be able to resolve this by updating your BIOS if there is a new version for your motherboard, otherwise you may need to use a disk management utility such as

      Disk Manager, EZ-Drive, or DrivePro

      Check out the following Microsoft article for more information…;EN-US;q128730

      (remove spaces from the above URL)

      You’ll find the BIOS upgrade on your motherboards manufacturer’s webite. Or you may not… It sounds like a very old motherboard.

      Failing all that, you may need to upgrade the motherboard. You’ll also need new memory, a new CPU and a new case at a minimum if you go down that track so it may be worthwhile investing in a new system altogether.


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      boot problem

      by jajori ·

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      This is just a guess since you do not give any specs on the HD, or say how you know it is good, especially since it failed on boot. Check the HD’s specs for compatibility with the older PC. The PC may not have the juice to drive the drive.
      Can you provide more information for a more specific answer? Is this drive a replacement or an addition? Is the HD “brand new”? Has it been formatted and partitioned? etc. Need more input.

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      boot problem

      by thechas ·

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      Tim is correct, your motherboard can’t identify the new drive.
      Many older motherboards had assorted drive size limits.
      If the drive is larger than any of these steps, the motherboard just can’t deal with it.

      As Tim stated, adrive overlay program is your lowest cost option to deal with this.

      I wouldn’t even try to mess with it.
      I have seen “bare-bones” Pentium systems on the web for $10.
      Since you have a hard drive, you would be pretty much set to go.
      Check out;


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      boot problem

      by oaojr ·

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      Win 98 requires 486/66 with 24mb ram. Even if you get this computer to boot, you are going to be really unhappy with the performance.

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      boot problem

      by unclegarbage ·

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