Boot problem

By johnscamera ·
I have a Fujitsu Lifebook running XP Home edition.
The last two times when I tried to turn on my computer the screen read "No Operating System Found".
I thought at first that I might be having a Hardrive crash.

However, both times after frantically going through different screens I got the computer to boot by using F9 hotkey (I think) in some kind of special mode (F12 maybe?).

I am suspicious that recent update downloads from Microsoft may have something to do with this, as before I had not had this issue ever come up, and I have made no other changes or software additions, that would account for this to start happening.

1. How can I change the BIOS permantly so that the unit will boot without me having to go through all kinds of screens to get it to boot?

2. Has anyone heard of Windows XP updates causing boot problems?

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Test your theroy

by jimmy-jam In reply to Boot problem

uninstall any recent updates you may have done and see if that solves the problem.

My guess? You HDD is on it's way out. Did you run a disk scan? I would advise you back up your data and either proactively replace the drive or if nothing else be ready for when it goes.

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XP recovery

by pstoric In reply to Boot problem

Also, try booting off your XP disc and using the recovery option to do a fixboot as well as a fixmbr commands. Sometimes that will do the trick.

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file system is corrupt maybe or badly fragmented

by sgt_shultz In reply to Boot problem

try recovery console repair then use chkdsk /r at the recovery console prompt. or do it from within windows Disk Properties/Tools/check for errors then defrag

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A couple of things to try

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Boot problem

First make sure that the CMOS Battery is fully charged and working correctly. Most new NB's no longer have a Replaceable Battery for the CMOS Chip they use what is called a Smart Socket which is effectively a Rechargeable Battery soldered to the M'Board that provides power to the CMOS Chip when the unit is not on Main Power. If this NB isn't turned on much on Mains Power this Battery can go flat and no longer provide enough power to run the CMOS Chip when the NB is turned off. Just leaving the NB plugged into the Mains will be sufficient to recharge the Smart Socket. Also check the NB Main Battery for Function as if this is gone to Silicon Heaven it can cause things to get all screwy as well.

Also get the HDD Makers Testing Utility and Test the HDD to confirm weather it is good or not.

You can download your Makers HDD Testing Utility from here


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