boot problem?

By oldlady2 ·
I own an Averatec 33200 series laptop running Windows XP SP2. When shut-down and move the laptop, i.e., travel with it, it seems to have boot loop problem. It boots to the desktop and after loading some of the desktop icons, and some of the taskbar icons, it either reboots, or goes to a black screen with no error messages. This continues, until I use F8 and use the "last known configuration" option. It then boots normally until I shut-down and move again (go home or different location). I have to repeat the recovery procedure. It did not have this problem when I first bought it.

I do use the hibernation feature but now I shut down to get a restore point that is not too old.

At home this laptop is part of a wireless network. Should I disconnect from the network before shut-down and travel??? Did not have to do this when computer was new. This laptop three years old.

Use AVG free, Ad-Aware, Eusing registry cleaner (not often) Corel Office, but primarily Internet (ADSL) and e-mail, using IE and Outlook Express.

Do I have a bad boot sector, or something else is corrupt?

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Disable auto restart

by LostinWindows In reply to boot problem?

Have you disabled Automatic Restart of the laptop? If not, you will find it by 1. Right click on My computer 2. Left click on properties 3. Choose the advanced tab 4. Startup and recovery - settings 5. uncheck Automatically restart.

You should be able to google the first hex number string a few lines from the bottom. the numbers will be 0x followed by 8 hex digits. use the full string in your search.

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Boot Problem?

by oldlady2 In reply to Disable auto restart

I have disabled automatic restart as described by you. I assume the hex number will appear the next time the problem occurs. I went to Event viewer and there have been some errors such as WLTRYSVC,

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It would be helpful

by ctrservices In reply to Boot Problem?

to have the event ID numbers corresponding to the sources given.

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Boot Problem? Event viewer codes

by oldlady2 In reply to It would be helpful

Here are some of the Event ID codes if I type everything correctly.....

Event Viewer - Applications
WLTRYSVC (Event ID 2) N Athority System

Event Viewer - System
Warning or Errors for DHCP, (Event ID 1003, 1007, 1009)

Error W32Time (Event ID 17, 29)

Error Server (Event ID 2504)

Error IPNATALP (Event ID 32003, 32008

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