boot problem with emachiens t6420

By dwyone4 ·
Power up Problem
i have an emacheines computer and it will power up but it won't boot direclty without a keyboard in the ps2 input.
the way that it does boot up is if i attatch and detach the mouse several times to get a connection.
the way i can tell if the computer will boot is when i see that indicator lights flash on five seconds after i turn the power on.
so i know it cant be me needing a new motherboard or power supply because everything works fine and is operational ie... cd/dvd roms usb inputs so on and so forth.

also a usb keyboard wont do the trick until after the system is started up.

need help. does anyone have an answer?

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by patb071 In reply to boot problem with emachie ...

is there an option in the bios to enable usb keyboard?

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boot problems

by dwyone4 In reply to Bios

yes bios are enabled

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You need to disable

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to boot problems

Stop on all Errors in BIOS to stop this happening.

What is happening here is that the System is stopping when it can not find a PS2 Keyboard and asking for Intervention by the user. You'll need to enter BIOS and turn off the Stop on All Errors option to stop this happening.


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Known T6420 problem.

by normhaga In reply to boot problem with emachie ...

The eMachines T6420 has a known motherboard and power supply problem. The power supply on these machines is shaky at best. When they go out, they will take out the mother board.

However the problem with the MB going out can also be due to a poor case design. The case of the T6420 has stamped MB supports that are larger than normal and they will short out the MB over time.

If you Google the issue, or T6420 problems you will discover what I am telling you. There is one guy who has 731 of these models in a barn for a class action suit.

If you replace the MB and the power supply and CHOOSE to use the same case, then you will need to lift the MB off of the mounts with a fiber or nylon spacer under the MB at each mount point. Failure to do this will result in another failed MB; sometime immediately, sometimes 13 to 18 months down the road.

I suggest a new machine.

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