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boot problem

By nnavaid ·
The computer works fine when it's on the docking station but when I go shut it down, undock it (the correct way), and boot it back up w/out the power cord....I get this msg; "This computer is docked and only battery power is detected. This can happen if the power adapter is missing, the power cord is unplugged, or the computer is not properly connected to the docking station. You should undock, redock, attach a power adapter, or plug in the power cord. Strike the F1 key to shutdown." It boots up fine WITH the power cord though but still thinks its docked even though I'm not! IT JUST WON'T BOOT UP WHEN RUNNING ON BATTERY even though the battery is fully charged and works fine on other systems. Doesn't even get to the xp splash screen. Dell has already replaced the motherboard for this same issue. No go. I have unplugged all peripherals, flashed the bios (with the latest flash A05 from floppy), disabled all components in bios, and tried all the different bios settings but to no avail. I really need some help here FAST....TODAY!

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by seanferd In reply to boot problem

See BIOS and any docking station utility on the system for settings as to how the system should behave when undocked.

If it is a hardware problem for which replacing the motherboard will not help, I don't think you will find a fix TODAY.

Of course, posting your question as a Question rather than a Discussion would probably help in finding answers here, but mind you it is also the weekend (less traffic).

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