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Boot Problems at BIOS Scan

By abbast ·
My P.C. wouldn't boot up this morning with a continous beep at BIOS Adapter scan. After a while it automatically started loading Windows XP Sp2 and works fine. But the above process happens everytime I re-start my computer. Please advise.

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by mak15 In reply to Boot Problems at BIOS Sca ...

What is the sequence of the beep? On the motherboard manual should stated the problem by the sequence of the beeping. Try to change the battery on the motherboard first, if still beeps, hardware will be your next consideration. Good luck!

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by dmiles In reply to Boot Problems at BIOS Sca ...

Pull your memory and reseat it or exchange it.

Continuous beeping on an Award bios is memory problems

Continuos beep also could be your video card. Happen to me once. Bought a new card and all was ok, however if you have onboard video, I'd pull the card and reset the jumpers just to make sure.

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by BobHo In reply to Boot Problems at BIOS Sca ...

If it is doing this during the adapter scan then it would make me look at the video adapter first. It might need to be reseated or replaced (reseated would be my first guess since eventually you can get it going).

However, check this link for beep codes for various cmos manufacturers. I'm not sure what you mean by a continuous beep (1 long unstopping beep or unstopping short beeps). Count out the beeps precisely (including any short pauses in between depending on your bios mfg) and check the above link.

Post back with any further info.



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by chitosunday In reply to Boot Problems at BIOS Sca ...

Continuous beep, means your memory card is starting to malfuction. Remove and install again your memory card. If the problem does not go away, your memory card is starting to die. Soon the beeping will become longer and longer before it becomes normal.

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