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boot screen/os problem

By pwc5003 ·
when I turn on the computer, the boot screens from start to the windows xp log in have random characters and lines that block out what usually shows up. the windows xp loading screen is discolored and when i get to the log in screen, it freezes. i also have colored vertical lines on that screen and for the log in and gui even when i run windows xp in safe mode, which is the only mode that works. what could be the cause of this? i have been told it could be a virus attacking the OS. but that doesn't explain why i can't format or reinstall windows.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to boot screen/os problem

try a new graphics card? or reseat the one that's in there...sounds like video memory went bad maybe

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to boot screen/os problem

If it is a Virus you need to clean up the HDD/s by running a wiping program on it/them.

A reinstall of Windows only over writes the actual Windows Directory and even a Format which can be disabled by a Virus if the writer know what it is that they are doing will only write to every third sector leaving 2 sectors intact and allowing the infection to reemerge latter.

But it honestly sounds as if the Video Card if you have one has gone bad and if you have a M'Board with On-board Graphic it may very well be your RAM. Have you added any recently?

If you have it may be the wrong type and be causing timing issues with the existing RAM, but no matter what I would remove the Video Card/ Memory {if it is an On Board Video and re seat them. A good clean out inside the case will certainly do no harm either. If the problem persists after reseating the Video Card or RAM I would be trying a different Video Card that suits your M'Board.

Just one thing to be aware of some AMD M'Boards do have Known Issues with some Video Cards and just do not work properly while these are mostly confined to the ATI type Video Cards it is worth remembering if you are going to replace the existing Video Card and if you have On Board Video you can either replace all of the RAM or fit PCI Video Card as you'll be unlikely to have any PCIE Slots you'll need a standard PCI Video Card.

Try running some diagnostics with the Ultimate Boot CD available from here


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by pwc5003 In reply to boot screen/os problem

thanks this was very helpful. i'll try all of the memory steps. but first, i have already taken out the video card several times to put in a slave drive. though i have not taken out the ram yet. how am i to go about resetting the video memory? also i'm using a ti 4600 which has run fine on my computer for over a year now.

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by willcomp In reply to boot screen/os problem

I agree with Sarge. Appears to be video card.

Working fine for a year is similar to my car ran fine until it quit and won't crank, so nothing can be wrong with it.

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by Neil Cotton In reply to boot screen/os problem

deffinately Video card

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