boot screen problem...

By demonic_child38 ·
ok here's the deal... i have a compaq presario computer.. up until recently it was doing fine then the screen stopped showing up at all. i got a new vid card and still didn't work. i got a new mothreboard. still didn't work. so it turns out that the new motherboard didn't support my intel celeron processor. i went to the computer store and got pentium 4 processor, supported by my motherboard. . anyway now at least i have picture. it turns out my motherboard was messed up.. But now another problem emerges. At the boot screen, all that comes up is the processor info, none of the other computer info. it just says 'pentium 4 processor 2.80ghz' or something like that and won't go any further.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER NOW? please help!!!!

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Any beeps?

by robo_dev In reply to boot screen problem...

Try it without ram, or any drives plugged into mobo. Also reset the bios.

If the mobo and cpu are happy, you should at least get it beeping a lot to complain about not having memory or any drives.

Make sure there are not any mobo jumpers that need to be set correctly, like processor voltage,bus speed, etc.

Got the correct memory for your mobo?

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