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By BorgInva ·
I have done some searching but can not seem to find anything helpful.

In XP Pro, I am trying to just make a batch script, or something, to click that will reboot the PC using a different boot.ini file (one I created that goes into Safe Mode with networking). However, I can not seem to find anything that will actually tell me this process.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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There can be only 1...

by bart777 In reply to Boot to Alternative boot. ...

Boot.ini file.
However, you could put in a secondary entry with the /safeboot switch to get the desired effect.

Then just make sure that the timer has sufficient time for you to choose teh OS you want. This may vary due to monitors.

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by BorgInva In reply to There can be only 1...

If only one file is the case, then thanks. Guess I will use these 3 batch files I just made and keep on my desktop:


xcopy "c:\bootsafe.ini" c:\boot.ini /v/h/r/c/y
shutdown -r -t 1


xcopy "c:\bootsafen.ini" c:\boot.ini /v/h/r/c/y
shutdown -r -t 1

And of course back to normal mode using a copy of the original boot.ini:


xcopy "c:\bootwin.ini" c:\boot.ini /v/h/r/c/y
shutdown -r -t 1

These will do just fine then. Figured I do it this way if I can not make them boot off of any other name other than boot.ini.

Thanks, bart777, for the info. It will only boot off boot.ini and no other name. Gotcha! Thank you.

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