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boot troubles.

By adamup15 ·
Last friday my computer restarted randomly.At first I thought the power went out but I found out it was a virus. So my friend reformaated it for me becuase I had to out of town for a couple of days. When I got back I turned on my computer. I thought everythign was fine however when i was installing Office 2003 my computer restarted by itself. So I turned it back on and tried intalling Norton System Works to see if I had another virus again. I did the pre-virus scan thing when u install Norton and nothign turned up. So i decided to just install it and it stop and said something like it stopped becuase my office install wasnt done yet or something.(sorry i dont remember it) So i installed Office again but i got an error and it stopped "prematurely". And so oped IE to see if i can find any info on my situation then my IE crashes. I closed it but i kept getting my Ic crashed and the send or dont send msg. Then i restarted my computer but when it came to the Windows Xp loading sign it restarted. So then i thought it was becuase of dust so i vaccumed the dust inside and made sure not to get deep in there and mess up anything. That didnt help. Turned it on same thign happend. I tired botting it in safe mode and that didnt work either. My friend said it might be becuase my hard drive is messed up but hes not sure. I would take it to a computer repair store I want to see if i can fix first instead going and spending like 50 bucks or w.e. My friend said he might be able to fix it but i wont see him till friday. Btw sorry for all the typos not a very good typer.Thanks

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by mex_carnal In reply to boot troubles.

I had a similiar problem awhile back with more than one computer. I solved it by reformatting the hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows and go straight to Microsoft windows update to get my OS completely updated with patches and fixes. I forgot the virus name but if you keep getting infected with that virus its recommended to update your OS files immediately. There is a patch that stops you from getting infected.

This happen long time ago but i suggest you do that as soon as you get your OS installed.

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by sleepsalot In reply to boot troubles.

The first thing I would do is check the event logs. From the start menu go to control panel then select admin tools then event logs. If you can get to the logs it may tell you what is going on.


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by zlitocook In reply to boot troubles.

Use a Win98 boot disk and remove any non Dos partitions or use Delpart from MS. All MS products will make a small partition to save install information. If you know the maker of your hard drive down load the software for it from another computer and run thier software and clean your computer's hard drive. When you install XP let it delete all partitions and then format it with NTFS.

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by adamup15 In reply to boot troubles.

Well I don't have a windows 98 cd so I guess I'll just re-install windows again. Btw I can't even get to windows to the event log is out of the question. Thanks for all you help.

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by willcomp In reply to boot troubles.

Me thinks you've got a memory problem and not a virus problem. Although I can't rule out malware, sounds more like hardware.

Sometimes you are money ahead letting a knowledgable tech fix the problem. They have knowledge, spare parts and testing methods not usually available to "friends."


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