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By theo ·
It takes a very long time for XP to start after you enter your username and password. Everything removed from the startup. Still taking too long.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Boot-up

Exactly how long is "too long?"

Is the system on a domain? If it is, the GPO's enforcing security could be causing a slow login.

Anything in the system registry starting?

How much RAM?

What speed CPU?

What speed hard disk?

Is the hard disk fragemented?

Is the hard disk using the Bus Master capabilities?

Try this XP startup tracker to see what is really running at startup on this system:

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by atm142 In reply to Boot-up

First, we need to look at what processor your computer has and what operating system you are running. Your computer may not be high tech enough to run what you have loading. Remember that in the newer windows versions not all programs that start up are located in the start up folders. Infact, in xp, little to none are.

If that doesn't help,

Second, download an anti-spyware program such as ad-aware and run it. Chances are, those little devils are causing the problems.

If that doesn't help,

Third, at start-up press f8 to enter boot options and enter safe-mode. Then run the previously mentioned anti-spyware software.

Run through that checklist and everything should work out great. Best of luck to you!

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to Boot-up

First I would do what everybody else has told you to do and then try this if you processor speed is up and good and your ram isn't too low because those two factors will the the most then try the below.

I have used almost every spyware removal tool out there because of a recent problem with a clients pc. I had some real pesky spyware and couldn't get it off but I found this Giant AntiSpyware it is only a 15 day trial but it works great finds tons of stuff that spybot ect doesn't find.

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to

What FS do you have on your hard drive, NTFS or FAT32.... if you have FAT I would convert it... to do so just go to <start><run> then type in CMD press enter, when the comand prompt comes up type convert c: /fs:ntfs at the first question press N for no and the next question press Y for yes and restart you computer... once you have done this run a defrag, you will need to...

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by Sue T In reply to Boot-up

The more things you have on your desktop the longer it will take your computer to finish. If you have a lot on your desktop, then make a new folder and move everything from the desktop into it except for My Computer, Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer and Network Neighborhood. This speeded up my logon by a very noticable period of time.

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