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Boot Up Dont Work Until Reset Is Hit

By Dualinlinememorymodule ·
I Just Built A Nice New Beautifual System

Intel Pentium 4 512/533 NW CPU
Kingston 512DDR333 Pc2700 DIMM RAM
Seagate Barracuda 40GB HDD 7200RPM
Geforce 4 MX440 DDR VIVO 64MB
Aluminium Case PRO With Neons And Window 380w/PSU
52x52x24 Liteon CDRW Burnproof Burner 2MB Buffer
48x16 4KUS DVD-ROM And All That
CCP 17" Flat Screen Monitor
Home Threate System
1.44 FDD
Newayz thats enough information

anyway the monitor goes to sleep on the computer turning on and i have to hit the reset button for it to recongize sometimes it just go straight on but after a period of time the computer dont reconzie the monitor until i hit the reset button!!!

This aint a HUGE Problem its just strange like i connected it to the tv boots straight away and it aint the monitor cause i change it from ADI to CCP old to new anywayz it has to be a conflict or the box itself or the OS/Drivers

I Checked the bios found nuffin conserning it however i would appreciate some help concerning this issue APPRECIATE IT HEAPS


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Boot Up Dont Work Until Reset Is Hit

by TheChas In reply to Boot Up Dont Work Until R ...

Okay, at what point in the boot process does the monitor go to sleep?

During the POST?

While Windows is loading?

What version of Windows are you using?

If XP, I suspect a device driver issue.
Either you need to update the video card driver, or install the manufactures driver for the monitor.

If Windows 98 / Me, I suspect an issue with the Windows large memory bug.
There is a problem in the 9X code that is VERY configuration dependant. The bug can cause all kinds of strange problems with more than 511MB of RAM installed.

The only other thought I have, is to double check that the CPU front side buss and clock multiplier are set correctly.


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Boot Up Dont Work Until Reset Is Hit

Ok I Got Windows XP
And It Does It During POST
I Hit Reset It Boots WTF

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Boot Up Dont Work Until Reset Is Hit

by TheChas In reply to Boot Up Dont Work Until R ...

Yes, this is strange.

On the hardware side, make sure that the AGP card is fully seated into the slot.

If I suspect that a card is not seated, I remove the metal bracket and see if it goes in further.

I've had to shim a number of motherboards and / or modify the card bracket to get AGP cards to seat fully.

From a software side, all that is in play during POST is the motherboard BIOS and the video card BIOS.

Check for updates from BOTH manufactures.

In BIOS settings, make sure that the video related settings match those recommended by the card manufacture.

First display device to AGP

AGP aperture must be at least as large as the video RAM, and should be double that.

You can try different speed and acceleration settings.

Next, it could be a device conflict.
See if the problem goes away when you remove plug-in cards.

I will give this some more thought, and get back to you if I have any more ideas.


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Boot Up Dont Work Until Reset Is Hit

Thanx Heaps Mate But Still Aint Helping Cause The Motherboard Has Anti-Burn And It Locks The AGP Right In When Clicked And All The Others Are In Place Cause They Where All Detected In Success From DMI Pool Data And Windows But I Tryed Newayz
ItsNot A Big Issue Like I Said But It Still Is One!!!
Its Strange

BIOS Update Dun Think So Cause The MB Is A Limited Edition With All The Lastest Technologies Released Into One Board And Its Purchased In Date Code To Be Upate With The Product Rather Then By The Time It Get Here It 2 Years Old

Nah But Thanx But Need More Help I Dun Think Its The PSU Or Nuffin And It Works Perfect On The VIVO TV

But There No Conflicts Or Nuffin Anywayz Get Back To Us \
Well Work It Out

Thanx Mate!!!

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Boot Up Dont Work Until Reset Is Hit

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