Boot up error with secondary HDD

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So I recently built a new PC and moved my old HDD into this PC alongside my new one. Upon booting my PC, I got an error saying automatic repair failed. The only way to get past this was to select the advanced troubleshoot option boot from my new HDD. Anyways, all worked fine until I had to turn off my PC and then the same error would appear and I'd have to take the same action. I then removed my old HDD and the error was gone. Any idea why this HDD caused errors? The faulty HDD is a WD Blue Desktop Hard Drive 1tb.

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The system is trying to boot off the Old HDD and

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Boot up error with second ...

As the HAL Layer is different as well as phyisical Positioning in the Drive Array line will be what the problem here is.

If your new unit has a SATA Drive and the old drive is IDE then by default all IDE Drives are considered by the BIOS as Boot Drives.

If they are both SATA then the new drive should be at the other end of the SATA drive numbers as it will be being read with it's Boot Sector intact and the unit is tieing itself in knots trying to boot off both drives and finding that it can not.

Even if it is well away from the Primary drive it still has an Active Boot Sector on it so it will cause issues that may not be possible to overcome particuarly when new M'Boards have the BIOS which looks for active Boot Sectors for OS, if that's the case you'll have to delete the Active Boot Sector on the Old Drive or try dual booting the system with both OS's intact and chosing which one you want to boot from when the system first pasts the POST.

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