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Boot up - Lock ups

By rmchristy ·
When I power up system,it will lock up after it checks NVRAM, other times it locks ups after SMART drive check, and then other times when it searches for IDE for RAID configuration and then sometimes I could just click on an item or performing a task and it will lock up and then go blank and then monitor power turns amber instead of green.

Power supply and fans are all working-temp is cpu is 40 celsius and MB is 42.

Video card and memory seem to be in tight. I have an AMD 3700 proce with 1.5 gig ram- 3 slots full, nvidia video agp card, antec power supply 450.

I cannot isolate the problem- is it video or ram???



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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Boot up - Lock ups

First download your HDD makers Testing Utility and run it to make sure that the HDD is working correctly.

Then if you can not even get that to run remove 2 of the RAM sticks and try again. If that doesn't work remove the one remaining RAM Stick and replace it with another one and try again.

If you have a known working computer that will accept the same RAM test them one at a time in that and also look at the markings on the different RAM sticks to make sure that they all have the same speed and timing if any do not remove the slower ones and don't refit them as you are most likely running into a tomming issues with the RAM.

Once you can get the system to reliably get past the POST screen you'll need to do some diagnostics the easiest way to do this is to download the ISO of the Ultimate Boot CD from

Burn off a copy and then set your BIOS to boot from your CD/DVD burner/Player and then run the various diagnostics until you find your problem.

With AMD's you need to chose your M'Board & Video cards very carefully as they all have different chip sets and quite often you'll run into problems with different brands or models of chip sets between the M'Board and Video Card, if that is the case here you're easiest way out is to change the Video Card but run the Diagnostics first.


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by entawanabi In reply to Boot up - Lock ups

Classical: you boot and it makes energy forms, the energy comes from the electric company and the question is: where in the supply chain has something changed?

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by nguyenpv1980 In reply to Boot up - Lock ups

Could be a memory problem. Try taking all memory sticks out, put one in at a time and boot up. If all three show the same symptom then it could be the video card.

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