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Boot up OS from dual OS environment

By wan.peiser ·
I did install 2 different version of hp-ux OS in 2 hard disk.
i) hp-ux B.10.20 in one HDD
ii) hp-ux 11.11 in another HDD.
what should i do or configure in the system, so that i can boot up one of the OS from dual OS environment, cause i need to change from one another often.

If someone have any idea abt this pls email to this email address:

Thanks & Regards,

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by Jaqui In reply to Boot up OS from dual OS e ...

which bootloader is being used?
editing the bootloader to add the option to boot alternative os varies on bootloader.

check your man pages for the bootloader you are using, it will detail how to edit it to add a boot option.

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by ghislain.levesque In reply to Boot up OS from dual OS e ...

Booting from an Alternate Boot Device

You can boot from an alternate device in following ways. If your system is set up to automatically boot you will need to override the autoboot sequence by hitting any key on the console keyboard during the autoboot delay (time-out) period.

If the alternate device that you want to boot from is listed in the boot options menu (the main EFI Boot Manager menu), use the arrow keys to highlight the entry for the alternate device and press Enter on the keyboard to boot from that device

If the alternate device that you want to boot from is not listed in the boot options menu:

Select ?EFI Shell [Built-in]? from the boot options menu to run the EFI shell.

Enter map at the EFI shell prompt to list bootable devices on your system.

The devices will be listed. Look for entries that begin with fs#: (where # is a number such as 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.).

Determine which entry maps to the device you are trying to boot from and enter the fs#: name at the shell prompt.

For example, if the entry for the device you want is tagged as ?fs0:?, enter fs0: at the shell prompt:

Shell> fs0:

The device associated with entry fs0: is now the selected boot device. The EFI Shell prompt will change to reflect this.

Enter hpux to start the boot loader. The boot loader (hpux.efi) will now run and use the AUTO file on the selected device to determine which kernel file to use.

More information could be found here:

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