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    Boot Up Problem


    by telephonics ·

    when I boot up I get a message

    16 Bit MS-DOS Subsystem
    The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:053c IP:01bb OP:ff 00 ff 00 Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application

    “CLOSE” “Ignore”

    The reboot halts when this messagte appears and resumes when I click on close. The boot completes successfully and PC seems to operate normally. But this is very annoying. Any suggestions????


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      by telephonics ·

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      try msconfig

      by ugadata ·

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      To stop the offending program from stating you could try disabling from starting by using msconfig (goto Run type msconfig or msconfig.exe.

      However, it looks to me like the command that is trying to run is leftover malware. If you haven’t just cleaned your system you may want to run an antivrus and antispyware programs and if you didn’t turn off your System Restore as part of cleaning your system you maybe re-infected.

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      File corruption

      by gary56789 ·

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      If you just recently installed a new program, try the following URL

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      Find it and eliminate it!

      by fred123456 ·

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      Ok my first impression is that its a bad thing. Malware/Virus/Trojan whatever it is you need to elimate it.

      First of just the fact that its using a NTVDM to run is an indication that it shouldn’t even be their.

      NTVDMs are sort of like little mini virtual MS-DOS worlds to run older 32 and 16 bit apps usually from the Windows98 and younger years.

      So my problem is whatever the program is, its trying to use an instruction that is illegal to the rules of NTVDMs.

      So your first step it to track down where that file is and remove it.

      If you can’t find it and it still keeps dmuping the error, I would look at a potential virus infection thats creating the file on the fly during boot up.

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        Found it and deleted it

        by telephonics ·

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        I was able to find the file in question and deleted it. Howqever when I did so I got the following

        “You have chosen to remove

        This file will not be deleted from your hard drive but it will no longer run automatically when you start Windows.

        Are you sure you want to remove this start up entry

        YES NO

        I clicked on Yes.

        While this file will no longer interfere with boot up I’d feel better if I could get it off my hard drive. How do I so so>???

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          You had BETTER get it off you hard disk.

          by artoftransformation ·

          In reply to Found it and deleted it

          ok. You are working with what my be a live virus. Put it on a compressed file( with no password ) so that A virus scanner can scan it, and it CANNOT EXECUTE.

          and for the sectors on your disk that contain the file, I would use a program that secure-erased these sectors. You see, just dragging it to the trash, still leaves the file on your hard disk, but ready to be reclaimed by another file. You need to take action:

          1. get an anti virus product installed and running right away. ( personal recommendation : Those crazy germans are probiblty at work right now, preparing for a morning update. ( The update about 50x more often than norton ))

          2. Clean out your HD and browser caches.

          3. Run the antivirus FULL SCAN, like overnight.

          4. The next night, if nothing is found, clean your HD again, run a disk check, and optimize your disk.

          I would recommend ANY ( like a secure disk erase )software from SysInternals like:

          Just because I think they are GODS!

          AND let us know what happens!

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