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boot-up problems

By moeg55 ·
My system will not boot(Windows XP Home/upgrade from '98 SE), it gets to the initialization point and says that I have missing or corrupted files. The message I get is this...
The following file is missing or corrupted.
There are 3 files and they are... C:\Windows\Himem.sys, C:\Windows\DBLBUFF.sys, and
C:\Windows\IFSHLP.sys. Also another that comes up after that says that the WIN.COM files cannot be found.
Could you please direct me as to how I would reinstall these particular files and can I do it without having to reformat the HD.

Any help would surely be appreciated!


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by ozi Eagle In reply to boot-up problems


It looks as if your upgrade didn't work properly, those files are associated with win98.
You could try booting up with the win98 startup disk and renaming the config.sys file ( where the references to those files live) and try booting again.
If it still gives trouble, you may need to copy your data to another disk and format and load XP.

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by dmiles In reply to boot-up problems

Obviously the Windows directories are corrupt, missing
>or have been renamed. You will need to first run the diagnostic utilities from
>a Win98 boot disk. They may not help........

Boot the system with a Win98 boot disk (select no CDROM support).
From the A> prompt, type SCANDISK C: and press enter.
If SCANDISK will not run, try CHKDSK C:, or run both of them.
When the programs finish, obtain a C> prompt (type C: and press
>enter from the A> prompt).
From the C> prompt, type DIR C:\WINDOWS /AD /W (note the 3 spaces)
>and press enter.
>The Windows and all sub-directories should list on the screen. There should be
>@50 Dir(s) listed, the most important is [SYSTEM] (this should list on the
>top row). If you receive an error, or the [SYSTEM] directory is missing, it's likely
>something (Virus) has deleted/re-named the Windows directories.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to boot-up problems

Well with those files missing or corrupted I would be looking at a reload rather than anything else. Sounds as if you have a nasty infection which has trashed your OS.

Incidentally how did you get a XP Home Upgrade? The only XP upgrade from 98 was XP Pro and is still available from MS.

If you have not backed up your data you can remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and save your data to a CD/DVD R and then wipe the drive so you ave totally removed every trace of whatever it was that has altered or deleted these necessary Windows 98 Files.

If you have a Upgrade Copy of XP you do not need to install 98 just boot off the XP CD and when prompted insert the 98 Cd and then when prompted replace the XP CD. You can also format to a NTFS Partition and save a lot of wasted space with the now unnecessary 98 System Files.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to boot-up problems

well my 2 cents is, sounds to me like a hold-over config.sys exists. are those xp files??? think they are old old win files...
does your system run fine other than these error messages at boot up time?
bet you don't get them in Safe Mode...
i'd set my folder view to view hidden and system files and then i'd look at the 'root' of my boot drive, probably c: for any files that start with config or autoexec. rename them with an x at the bigging for easy find later xconfig.sys (you may have to temporarily change their attributes via Properties)
if you find those files, bet removing (by renaming them) you won[t get those errors

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by binnsmeister_1 In reply to boot-up problems

I find it is better to format your hardrive, and install windows xp as a clean install. If you need your files on the other hardrive, set your current C:as a slave drive, and install another hardrive (as master). I would put xp on the primary drive. Do a format of the c only and leave the intact. Once you have the c installed, open the d and cut and paste the files you need into the c drive. Then you can format the D drive.

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by OTL In reply to boot-up problems

Had time to try the above answers, what happened with the suggestions ? Anyone help then award them the points !

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