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By rogue_tide ·
I'm constantly finding the need to virus/spyware scan computers, and with at least 10 computers each week cropping up with virus issues (or those damned malware pop-ups that people insist on clicking on), I'd like to find a quicker way to scan the HDD without logging onto each machine. I could simply take the HDD out, and scan it using my own computer - but crawling under desks to get the drives isn't a nice experience.

What i'm looking for, is a mix of easily updatable software, that will run from a bootable front-end.

I did have something at some point, but it was pretty buggy, and was hard to keep up to date.

It'd need to have Anti Virus, possibly Anti Spyware/Malware etc. Also, some Hardware checks, RAM, HDD checks/defragger. That sorta stuff. It'd make life 100 times easier.

Cheers in advance!

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by Dumphrey In reply to Bootable Application CD

may be what you want. I would use a cdrw to build on so you can make a new version once a week or so.
It will let you update to ramdisk for virus deffinitions etc.

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Good Stuff....

by ---TK--- In reply to UBCD4WIN

I use to use that every day :)

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No point owning a dog then barking yourself though ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Bootable Application CD

So perhaps a little stiff, enforceable, user education might prevent the habitual malware pop-ups.

If a single user has a malware pop-up infection, then THAT user should be responsible for the infection - and answerable for it also. A company-wide policy might reduce numbers of the 'click afflicted'.

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You really need to be in

by Jacky Howe In reply to Bootable Application CD

Safe Mode to run Malware Removal tools otherwise they can't access the Registry to remove the crap.
Spybot Search & Destroy can be run as a standalone and even from a Command Prompt.
Malware Bytes has to be installed on the PC to be able to run. It is really good value and a handy utility to have installed on all PC's. It is best used in Safe Mode.
Sophos has a Command Line Scanner that will run from a CD or a USB stick. It will need to be updated regularly. I gave up on running from CD's as I seemed to be constantly replacing them. Nowdays I just use a USB Stick.
User Education is the key to your problems.
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Sorry to take so long...

by rogue_tide In reply to You really need to be in

But I went after that UBCD - works like a charm. A little slow, but get AV software scanning, take out the CD and walk off. I love it.

User education isn't really viable in a University. Even though most of the problems come from 'Staff' (IE Professors) they each lack the same thing - common sense. Plus, we get thousands of new registered computer users each year.

Thanks guys.

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I know exactly

by Jacky Howe In reply to Sorry to take so long...

how it is with Staff in an education system.

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