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    Bootable disk


    by isaacb ·

    when I start my old computer I get a error. First it shows Floppy A: Installed, then it ask for insert bootable media in the appropriate drive. So could you pleae help me. I need to get some documents off of the computer.


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      A few possible problems & solutions

      by gnickla ·

      In reply to Bootable disk

      This is almost certainly being caused by one of three possible problems.

      1) There’s a non-bootable floppy disk in the A: drive
      Solution: Eject it

      2) There’s a BIOS problem & it’s not trying to boot your hard drive.
      Solution: Enter your BIOS settings (Ususally by hitting DEL or F1 as your computer starts up – The Magic Key is usually announced on the screen at power-up). Once there, find your boot options and make sure that your hard drive (probably c:) is in the boot order.

      3) Your hard drive is no longer bootable.
      Solution: This is a little tougher. If you just need a couple of small files, you can probably use another computer to make yourself a boot-disk by following the instructions at Once you have it, you can put it in your A: drive, power up, and then navigate to your files using DOS and copy them off to floppy disks. If they’re bigger, you may need to repair your operating system by using a bootable CD or hard drive before you’re able to return your computer to operating status.
      Alternate: You can always pull your hard drive out of your PC, mount it in a working system (a friend’s or a work computer) and retrieve what you need.

      I hope this helps. If not, I apologize, but you can’t blame a guy for trying. Best of luck, Bev.


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