bootable floppy disk with USB CD-ROM support

By matt ·
I am looking for a bootable floppy disk that includes smartdrive and usb cd-rom support or usb hard drive support. I need to be able to boot to a dos prompt and then copy files from the usb device to the hard drive using dos commands. I'll appreciate any help offered.

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I'm not sure that such a beast exists

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to bootable floppy disk with ...

The only thing that I have seen that allows something like a DOS Platform to communicate to a USB HDD is Ghost 8 or above and even that is limited to just seeing and addressing a HDD on a USB Port.


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Eureka!!!! I got a solution

by matt In reply to I'm not sure that such a ...

I modified a standard win98 boot floppy by adding a usb cd-rom driver from iomega and iomega's guest.exe program. Modified config and autoexec to load those items. The system would not provide a drive letter to my usb cd-rom drive but it did provide one for a usb flash drive which is just as good for out purposes. We were able to copy files from the usb flash drive to the hard drive. AH success is sweet...martini time

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What about this?

by brandonsmith_07 In reply to Eureka!!!! I got a soluti ...

All right I want to try to make a bootable hard drive. Just like you do on when you burn an iso or an image to CD, but I don't know if it would work like I think it would in theory. I can't find a way to copy the image to the hard drive. The reason that I ask is my d: on my laptop went out and ironically the whole computer crashed. I can't figure out how to install a new OS on it.

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