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Bootable floppy disk

By siliconpal ·
How can I create a bootable dos diskette on a windows 2000 workstation?

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by Old Guy In reply to Download them

That worked for me several times. It's a lot easier.

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by dennyb50 In reply to Bootable floppy disk

Go to and download the file to make just about any type boot disk you want.

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by Blowtoad In reply to Bootable floppy disk

The easiest way to do this is to go to
and download a boot disk package. I suggest Windows 98 SE Custom, No Ramdrive

Theach boot disk package there is a single .exe file. download one, put a floopy in your floppy drive, run the .exe that you downloaded. It will make a boot disk for you.

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by Barry-N7ZZF In reply to Bootable floppy disk

Download boot disks for all your needs from these Web sites

by Ray Geroski | More from Ray Geroski | Published: 2/3/03
Keywords: Hardware | IT project management | Network administration/implementation | Diagnostics and monitoring | Support
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You no longer have to create your own boot disks--others have done the work for you and uploaded their files to the Internet. Find out where you can download free boot disks for all your needs.

Why create a custom boot disk yourself when you can download one quickly and hassle free from a Web site? Many Web sites offer downloadable programs for creating custom boot disks, but of course, some are better than others in terms of their content and page layout. A quick look at some of the most popular of these sites will help you decide where you can find the best one-stop shop for your boot disk needs.

The contenders
This evaluation is far from comprehensive, but these sites were the most mentioned by TechRepublic members as their favorite sources of boot disk files and utilities. If you know of other good sites that offer boot disks for download, let us know about them, and we?ll include them in the next round-up.

I examined the offerings at the following Web sites (in no particular order):

* Startdisk
* Qual-IT
* Netboot CD
* BovisTech
* Bart?s Boot Disks on NU2
In spite of its name, actually offers a great deal more than just boot disk files. You can download a variety of tools, including partitioning utilities, memory management utilities, diagnostics, and BIOS tools. And offers a wealth of boot disk files: everything from standard Windows and DOS boot disks to network boot disks. You can also download antivirus boot disks.

Here?s the caveat: For the standard OS boot disk downloads, actually links to Microsoft?s Web site. Only the custom boot disk files actually come directly from While linking to Microsoft may seem like a cop out, at least provides a single starting point for finding boot disk files.

What?s really annoying, though, are the pop-ups asking you for money to help support the site. If you don?t mind pop-ups (or if you use pop-up blocking software), is a good place to look for boot disks and other utilities. One enhancement that I think would make the site more useful is full descriptions of all the files listed so users know what they?re getting.
Not to be confused with, also offers links to a wide array of boot disks, utilities, and other files. In addition to covering Microsoft?s products, includes files for Linux. Like, sends users to Microsoft?s site for the standard Windows disks, but links to other sites for custom boot disks and utilities. It?s a simple site that is free of pop-ups.

Startdisk boasts what it calls the Ultimate Boot Disk, which is designed specifically for Windows. The Ultimate Boot Disk can help Windows users recover from crashes and repair problems that prevent the OS from booting. According to Startdisk, the Ultimate Boot Disk can help you perform the following tasks:

* Restore system files
* Identify hardware
* Extract Windows CD files
* Troubleshoot startup errors
* Clone drives or partitions
* Streamline the registry

In addition, Startdisk says the Ultimate Boot Disk speeds up Windows installs and includes an optional virus scanner.

The Startdisk Web site includes information about making a WinXP boot disk, partitioning drives and flashing the BIOS, and tips on which files you need to back up. Overall, this site has useful information and a boot disk file that may be worth the download.

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Thank-You. Thank-You

by dawgit In reply to

a very good question, I have had that problem also with at least 2 machines (antiques, that still work) so... I thank you for the question & the very good tips. Thanks guys... Merry Christmas to all.!. -dawgit

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