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BootCamp or No

By rocky5689 ·
I have working in the field for 3 years know got my a+ and net +. Decided to get my mcsa whenever I comehome from I just don't feel like picking up a book and reading it.

I prefer watching cbt's though. I was just thinking of taking classes for mcsa or go to a bootcamp, has anyone been in this situation before.

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Bootcamp Yes

by joetechsupport In reply to BootCamp or No

Make it a full MSCE while you're at it.
Alternate suggestion- consider a local college/ university offering accelerated MS Certified Training in compressed time.

If you don't certify, you may find yourself training certified unexperienced higher paid staff how to do things your not allowed to do.

This isn't a rant at new-to-the-industry enthusiasts getting certs to get work, It makes sense for these guys breaking in.

It's the nature of the industry that refuses to recognize it's own. Most corporate hiring staff don't care if applicant have experience although they may say they do, they just want a piece of paper, which is CYA if the guy screws up.

But for you: The MSCE will give you more job security and a better change of advancement.

Without out it you risk marginalization and the redundancy pink slip, regardless of your work's quality and productivity. -Not so in a small company usually.

If the company dies, you have a better chance of being hired, because as an MSCE you are "God" to HR.

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MCSE Boot Camp--Yes

by skywalker_al In reply to Bootcamp Yes

I attended a 15 day MCSE 2000 Boot Camp back in 2003 and it was hard, but definitely worth the piece of paper. Be prepared to stay in class all day and study when you get back to your hotel. I had a lot of guys in my class going out to bars in Atlanta at night, but of course they were not MCSE's at the end of the 2 weeks and I was!

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by Jaqui In reply to MCSE Boot Camp--Yes

Microsoft Certified Sales Executive.

sorry but ms certifications are meaningless.
specially as ms is out to kill themselves with the software as service model they are implementing.

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Funny ennough

by dafe2 In reply to MCSE=

Your sentence, "sorry but ms certifications are meaningless" after the first two post, is well placed :-)

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by skywalker_al In reply to Funny ennough

Easy for you to say. Do you have yours? Does jacqui? If they are so meaningless and you do not have to know anything to get them, why don't you have yours?? I worked for over 4 years on systems and networks then went to a bootcamp to complete my testing, I am proud of my accomplishment.

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As a matter of fact I do

by dafe2 In reply to

I value mine. I never they were'nt meaningless.

I said I agreed with Jaqui BASED on the context of the discussions prior to Jaqui.

As far as I'm concern Bootcamps produce, with rare exeptions, nothing but useless paper MCSE's - And that's a problem.

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by skywalker_al In reply to As a matter of fact I do

So if you saw 2 resumes, one with MCSE and one without, both having similar experience, you would not favor the MCSE?? Someone trying to break into the IT field needs a decent cert to even be looked at. I hire IT employees and we want a MCSE certification. I would not discourage this guy, at least he is showing some motivation. A boot camp would help get him what he wants, so why not go to one??

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Not discouraging at all

by dafe2 In reply to As a matter of fact I do

All things being equal - I take the MCS*.

But not for any reason (other) than getting the cert shows iniative & drive.

As you've no doubt gathered, I hold a very low opinion of 'bootcamps'.

I don't believe I'm discouraging this person (rather) I'm suggesting they be carefull.
If you read my posts carefully, I'm saying if your interested in a cert ----> Be interested ennough to see past the hype & learn the material for the right reasons.

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by dafe2 In reply to Bootcamp Yes

That's NOT the way it works.

MCSA's & MCSE fill very diferent roles.

In addition, any 'boot camp' I've ever evaluated does nothing more than teach howo pass an exam.

"God" to HR.........................NOT.

Get the certs for your own learning experience & the rest will follow.

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by dafe2 In reply to BootCamp or No

People learn in diferent ways.

If it were me (& it's not) I'd do the CBT's & the labs.

I'd read, read, read........

I wouldn't invest any money or time in any 'boot camp.

Actually I did the MCSA on my own & with a couple of like minded people. It took us two years but, it was worth it.

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