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    BootDisk in NT


    by shs_bulldog ·

    I know how to create a boot disk in 9x, format a: /s. How do you do it in NT?

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      BootDisk in NT

      by guy ·

      In reply to BootDisk in NT

      Just format a floppy in NT, its as easy as that. Then copy Boot.ini, NTLDR and
      Formating in NT automatically points the MBR (master boot record) to NTLDR. Format /s points MBR to IO.sys.

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      BootDisk in NT

      by aaron v ·

      In reply to BootDisk in NT

      Or, if you need a setup diskette set, run winnt32 from the CD and use the command line options. See winnt32 /? for the details.

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      BootDisk in NT

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to BootDisk in NT

      Answer #1 is an interesting approach that I haven’t tried.

      However, the more traditional approach is to run winnt32 from the NT install CD and make the boot set.

      The command line for that would be:

      x:\i386\winnt32 /ox


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