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By mendozaj ·
I defragemented my system last night and left it on. This morning I tried to re-boot the system but the window that sez rebot nomally popped up and the system keeps on rebooting by itself and I never get the windows screen to come up. What is wrong

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by wcp In reply to Booting

Your hard drive (HD) might have developed bad sector(s) and consequently, the Windows files might have been damaged.

To check this, do a HD diagnostic test. If you do not have this utility software already, you have to download it from the manufacturer?s website.

Alternatively, if you have a spare known good HD, install Windows fresh in it. If the Windows boots and runs fine, then you definitely know that the Windows got corrupted (probably due to the HD gone bad).

If you still have the reboot problem, then you have hardware problem other than the HD, most likely motherboard or CPU. If you have known good replacements, you replace one at a time to find the bad one.
If you do not replacement, take your computer to a local computer store and have them to troubleshoot.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Booting

tap the f8 key during boot attempt and see if you can get it to run in Safe mode. if you can, probably not real bad. if you do get it running in safe mode, backup any data you'd be sorry if you lost then do your hd scan/diagnostics. then turn off the 'reboot on error' option. don't have xp here, think it's my computer properties/performance...reboot with that option turned off and see if you get better error clue. as it will hang at error not reboot at error. also consider: 1) restoring to previous working system restore point 2)using Start/run/msconfig to disable stuff in Startup to troubleshoot

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