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    Booting Error, Unable to start up.


    by sean.ipt ·

    When the BIOS started checking hardware configuration, screen get freezed just after the following text is shown:
    “Initializing USB Controllers… Done
    503 MB”

    Nothing comes up after and every time i try to enter BIOS setup or press F8, screen either get freezed or nothing is shown (Black screen). Keyboards won’t work.

    Additioally, the system would automatically start up when i adjust or the cable that connects USB ports to th motherboard.
    I’m just a novice in this field, i need someone’s help…

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      by sean.ipt ·

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      Try this

      by kerah ·

      In reply to Booting Error, Unable to start up.

      1- if you installed any new thing try to un install it again and try that includs hard ware and soft ware
      2- try to check your hard ware status
      heat of the processor
      VGA card
      and tell me theresult

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        by ron k. ·

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      by oldbaritone ·

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      “503 MB” sounds to me like it was checking memory and got an error.

      Have you added memory recently, and are your memory boards properly matched to your machine, and are they paired properly?

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