Booting Issue

By LowRyda ·
Hi I have just inherited a PC from a user that is having boot issues. The users states they were happily using the computer when they lost visual and since have not been able to recover it. When the PC initially boots it turns itself off after about 5 seconds and then reboots and seems to be running fine (it doesnt turn off again) I have check the seating of components and all seems clear. There are no Beep codes being transmitted and the system seems to be running fine as far as cpu and case components running. There is just no visual.

I am thinking that the user may have mis-configured the case wiring that is why there is reset behavior when the PC is powered on. I do not have a PCI Express Video card but will be purchasing one tomorrow as I feel there may be an issue with the card.

I feel the system needs a bigger power supply as it has 8gb of Kingston DDR800 (2x4gb modules) 2 sata hdds, 2 case fans, DVD burner and a Gigabyte Geforce 9800GTX+ Video Card with an Intel Quad Core Processor. The power supply fitted in the machine is a Cooler Master 460W (460-PCAR-A3)

I will be looking at the pc more thoroughly but thought I should post details because I have done similar on this site before and have found the information offered by techies invaluable. So if anyone has any clues on this one I would be most appreciative.

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by peshwa In reply to Booting Issue

yes u may be rite...
so just check out if the problem is wit SMPS..

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Corrupt BIOS?

by LowRyda In reply to Booting Issue

I had a bit more of a look this morning and whilst I would still believe a more powerful power supply should be used for this system I am beggining to think that the problem may be leaning toward a corrupt bios.

I removed RAM and Video card and there are no POST beep output and boot behaviour remains the same.

I feel that the fact the computer when powered on runs for about 2 seconds turns off and then starts as normal may be a symptom of a corrupted bios ( I should mention this is an ASUS P5Q PRO).

Has anyone encountered a similiar issue? If so did flashing the bios resolve the issue.

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by LowRyda In reply to Corrupt BIOS?

I am doing some research and I am reading that this behavior is often caused by faulty memory modules in ASUS motherboards. Has anyone encountered this behavior?

I am trying to work out if I should be purchasing some new memory modules and testing.

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I Fixed IT!!

by LowRyda In reply to Corrupt BIOS?

When in doubt read the manual.

I flashed the CMOS and bingo shes running again. Would this be the result of someone tampering with the BIOS configuration. Ie trying to overclock the system?

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Excellent Good Job < NT >

by IC-IT In reply to I Fixed IT!!
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Well done

by Jacky Howe In reply to I Fixed IT!!

the BIOS update probably had changes to support the Mobo that the old BIOS didn't have.

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Try a new

by Jacky Howe In reply to Booting Issue

PSU before spending money on RAM. Antec is a good brand. 650W and above should do the trick.

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