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    Booting Problem


    by memorex221 ·

    I tried to reinstall Windows xp, but when it get to “press any key to boot from cd” it just stops…
    Steps I have taken:
    1. Tried the Cd on a different pc…It works
    2. Tried a different cd drive.
    3. Made sure Bios was set to boot CD first
    4. Tried a different Hard Drive

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      by memorex221 ·

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      Is this?

      by older mycroft ·

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      A wind-up?

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      Re: Booting Problem

      by Anonymous ·

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      Two things come to my mind about your slow install.
      1. Not enough memory (Windows software loads into memory then copies onto hdd), Update memory.
      2. Your copy of Windows disk is dirty/scratched and does not copy (install) very good. Solution: Wipe with a very soft piece of material dipped in lukewarm water and wipe with (NOT circular motion) an outward motion (I:E: Hold disk in hand and wipe away from you, turn disk a little and repeat). If you cleaned it Right the disk should be read from your dvd/cd drive and be installed without Windows freezing up in the proccess. I hope this works for you. Please post back if you are still having problems.

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      Looks like

      by metalmonkey ·

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      A problem with your ram. You might want to boot on ultimate boot cd and run a memtest.

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