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Booting problem!!!!!!

By william_derouchie ·
ok heres the scoop soo i downloaded xpstyle to theme out my computer and it worked amazingly next i tried changing the boot screen now i wasnt sure about this soo when i applied the new boot screen and rebooted it didnt change soo i didnt want things to get screwed soo i reapplied the original boot screen. then i deleted the old ntoskrnl.ex file from my desktop folder (just because) and then the next time i restarted my computer wouldnt even load to the login screen. it would just restart after showing me the original boot screen. btw i dont have my windows xp home disc on me bc i recently moved and left it behind sooo.... what to do??? pls help me!!!

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by manser In reply to Booting problem!!!!!!

You will need to boot from the installation CD for windows and do a "repair" install

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Booting problem!!!!!!

Sorry there is no way around this you really need the Install CD to repair the installation. But the good news is that you don't have to have the actual CD if you can lay your hands on a copy that is the same version you can use that to do the repair. You could even burn off a Work Copy though if you have a Dell, HP or something similar your Product Key will not work if required. But if that is the case you can always buy another install CD from the Maker all you need do is quote the Model Number & Serial Number and they can supply a replacement install CD. This is something that you really need to have for any Windows install as it's so important to have and absolutely necessary if you have a HDD failure.


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by william_derouchie In reply to Booting problem!!!!!!

thx guys ill try and order a replacement cd!! thx again

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