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    Booting Problem


    by cena ·

    I am using windows 2000 on my pc with administrative user right. From the last few days i got an error message when i turn my pc on, it says “Alert! cover was removed previously” then the system almost hang up for approx 1 min and then load my operating system.
    Plz tell me how to solve this problem
    Also when i tried to shut down my pc it says “it is now safe to turn off your pc” although previously my pc was shuting down properly but now it wasn’t. I have P3 with 500 MHz speed.
    Plz some one tell me how to solve this problem.
    Thanks in advanced

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      my guess is somehow power off to system for a while combined with cmos battery shot on your older system so BIOS settings got reloaded to their defaults. the alert cover was previousely removed setting is in your bios. turn the alert off. the safe to shutdown is power management setting in the bios. probably should be set to power management on. refer to manual for your system. if dell use service tag number. watch screen at boot (you may need to change another setting in bios to let you see boot process) anyhow, if you see that bios defaults are being loaded or get bios checksum error or can’t seem to get cmos settings to ‘take’ then i say replace cmos battery.

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      by thechas ·

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      Your PC is old enough to need a new CMOS battery.
      It would be worth your time to change the battery and check your CMOS settings.

      If your PC has a cover security switch, you need to enter BIOS setup and at least view error messages.

      While in BIOS settings, check the setting for ACPI. For Windows 2000 or XP, ACPI should be set to enable.

      If changing the CMOS battery and the ACPI and power management settings in BIOS setup do not correct the shutdown problem, you may need to enable APM in Windows.

      Right click on My Computer,
      Select Properties,
      Click on the Hardware tab,
      Click on Device Manager.
      On the View menu, select view all / view hidden devices.
      Right click on APM and select enable.


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      by cris ·

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      This is a Chassis Intrusion Detection Setting.
      The chassis intrusion monitor can detect when the chassis is opened. The Chassis Intrusion option in system setup displays the status of the monitor.
      1. Enter system setup.
      2. Press the down-arrow keys to move to the System Security option.
      3. Press to access the System Security option’s pop-up menu.
      4. Press the down-arrow keys to move to the Chassis Intrusion option.
      5. Press the spacebar to select an option setting.
      Option settings:
      ? Enabled ? When the computer cover is opened with this setting, a DMI event is generated, the setting changes to Detected, and the following message appears during the boot routine at the next system start-up:
      Alert! Cover was previously removed.
      To reset the Detected setting, enter system setup during the system’s power-on self-test (POST). In the Chassis Intrusion option, press the left- or right-arrow key to select Reset, and then choose Enabled, Enabled-Silent, or Disabled.
      ? Enabled-Silent (default) ? When the computer cover is opened with this setting, a DMI event is generated and the setting changes to Detected, but the alert message does not appear during the boot sequence at the next system start-up.
      ? Disabled ? No intrusion monitoring occurs and no messages appear.
      NOTE: When the setup password is enabled, you must know the setup password before you can reset the Chassis Intrusion option.

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