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Booting Problem

By Petadove ·
I have a computer that has been working fine (last time 11/11/03) but is now not booting. When the system is powered up, it starts the boot sequence fine but them it gives an error message "searching for boot file from SCSI..not found". My system is using a IDE drive and there have been no new hardware or software installations.

I am running McAfee Virus Scan online and a trojan was found and deleted; however, I am unsure if this had anything to do with the problems I am getting now. When I powered up the system, I tried to boot into safe mode so I can boot using the last known good configuration but nothing. Also the disk is not registering.

I have concluded that the hard drive has crashed but I was wondering if anyone has anything else I might try.


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by carlos.nino In reply to Booting Problem

It sounds like a BIOS problem to me. Check to see if it has the right configuration about the boot devices.

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by Ann777 In reply to Booting Problem

What SCSI devices do you use? If you have absolutely no SCSI devices, then do a search for SCSI*.* on your system. See what is there. If you have scsiport.sys in c:\windows\system32\drivers then you probably have some scsi drivers installed.... maybe for a networked printer or scanner. You might try uninstalling these devices, rebooting and seeing if you get the error again.

Also check event viewer and make sure you do not have bad sectors forming on your hdd.... because that will corrupt windows files and always give you an indication that trouble is brewing.

If you have the admin password, you might also try booting to recovery console and running a:
chkdsk /r
at the DOS prompt. This will detect and repair any problems it finds with Windows files.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Booting Problem

maybe it's nothing much. check bios settings carefully. most likely glitch in bios.
when you say the hard disk not registering, do you mean in BIOS? not being detected? yes, check cables. power and data. not set to 'off' in bios, is it? try redetecting it. try hard disk as slave in another machine. cast eye carefully on cables and jumper settings while drive is out. download and use hard disk manufacturers diagnostics. they will make you a boot floppy. but don't expect it to *read* hard disk you if ntfs. if fat32, you are in better position to get boot disk that can read hard disk or try to see hd contents not just test drive. if you can't get it 'registering' this probably won't work tho.

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by TheChas In reply to Booting Problem

Assuming that SCSI is in your boot device list, your assumption may be correct.

Start by watching the screens as the PC boots up.

Does it detect the hard drive properly?

If not, make sure that the cables are properly connected.

If the BIOS does detect your hard drive, insert a W98 startup disk in the floppy drive.

After the PC boots from the floppy, see if you can browse the C: drive using DOS commands.

If the drive is formatted as a NTFS volume, you will need to load a utility to read the drive from DOS.

You can find a utility at


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by tech_wiz03 In reply to Booting Problem

You said it is booting fine but then tries to locate and boot from scsi which is clear indication that bios is NOT fine.

1) watch the boot sequence in particular the bios splash screen for detected hdd's/cdroms etc.
** Chances are bios settings may have been destroyed or changed.
2) go directly into bios and confirm correct settings
3) use a boot floppy and confirm it can boot to floppy
4) with booted to floppy see if you can access c:
5) if fat32 or fat16 you can use chkdsk or scandisk to do some rudimentary file fixing but you need to be able to access c:.

hope this helps

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by Petadove In reply to Booting Problem

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