booting problems

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im expiriencing problems booting my computer.
previously it said "DISK BOOT FALIURE PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK". So i inserted the windows disk then it restarted and now it just goes to the device listing and doesnt do anything.

ASUS a8n-sli motherboard with NVidia nForce chipset.
2GB ram.
Galaxy GPU with NVidia GeForce6600 chipset.
2 Seagate harddrives( id ont use one cos it has chinese XP on it).
AMD Athlon64 processor.
OS is Windows XP home edition with SP2

any help appreciated

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Sounds like your MBR has been corrupted

by risques In reply to booting problems

Have you tried the recovery console.

Check BIOS for boot from CD drive, usually the DEL key or watch the screen as it boots, mine is F12 for boot options.

Start your computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM, load Microsoft Recovery Console, and then use the Chkdsk command-line utility. This may solve your problem.

You have to know the Administrator's password to use the Recovery Console.

If the Chkdsk command reports that it cannot fix all hard disk problems, your file system or Master Boot Record (MBR) may be damaged or no longer accessible. Try appropriate Recovery Console commands such as Fixmbr and Fixboot,

for afuller description.

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Well the very first thing you need to do here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to booting problems

Because this is a straight Hardware issue is to test the HDD with Seagate's testing Utility Seatools available here

This utility can be used from a Boot Disc and doesn't require a OS installed. You need to test the HDD for correct Function. If it passes the test you can then set about finding out what has happened here but if it fails the test you need to remove it fit it to another computer and test again.

If it passes now the M'Board, Data Lead or Power Supply is faulty in your computer that this has failed to work in. If it fails the second Test the HDD is faulty and needs to be replaced before proceeding any further.

If you just rebuild this OS the fault will still be present whatever it is and will cause this to happen again.


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