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Booting problems

By ss_ttnc ·
Yes, one of THOSE again...
If you have the patience and time, plese, hear me out.
(I am new here, so if the topic is wrong, sorry about that.)

My computer runs on XP Pro, and it has been rather troublesome lately, but nothing I couldn't ignore, it just required a little more effort to use the thing. See, when I turn it on, the bloody thing would either reboot as the main page was loading, or when it didn't would reboot at random times while in use. Sometimes the thing would not go any further then the log-in screen, so I would just retreat to safe mode and use System recovery on it, until it worked again.

Until today, that is... The bloody thing rebooted on me again, and I was patiently waiting for the Win XP Loading screen to appear.

Some white letters on bottom left of the black screen, too fast for me to recognize, said something about an error and then....nothing. They disappeared, and nothing else happened. So I tried the good old safe mode.....Same. The too-damn-fast letters, and nothing.

Sorry I am not descriptive enough, but that is my situation, as far as I can recall.(As you can probably tell by this, I know nothing about computers...) Would anyone be willing to help out? I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

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by ss_ttnc In reply to Booting problems

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Booting problems

What sounds like here is that the Windows files have become so corrupted that they no longer work. Your only answer is a Rescue Install of Windows which should set things right again if your problems have only been of a Software nature. If there is a Hardware problem you are going to be in a world of hurt as you'll be unable to finish the rescue install.

The directions for a Rescue Install are here:-

But before you even consider trying this I would suggest that you download your HDD makers testing utility and test the HDD. If it passes the test you should be safe attempting the reinstall as outlined above.

Lets know if you have any problems.


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by ss_ttnc In reply to

thank you! I incorporated the method you gave me, and now my computer is running again.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Booting problems


If the answer above does not work, you might want to try and test the power supply.

A failing power supply will also cause random rebooting. Take it to a PC repair shop and ask them to look at it for you. Power supplies are pretty cheap, and you could replace it yourself - just note where the cables go on the original power supply.

Good luck

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by glyall In reply to Booting problems

check the capacitors on the motherboard that are next to the cpu
if they are not flat on top they are bad.
this does cause the pc to rebootwhen trying to open Windows OS
if the caps are bad time to replace the motherboard

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by Lizzy In reply to Booting problems

All of the above answers are good ones. You may want to check the mfr's mb on the internet to see if there has been an issue w\ this model--what model and make is it? Windows files will be corrupted over time just due to the rebooting that you have been experiencing. If recovery of the system fails, make sure you write down any error msgs and post them to help determine what, if any hardware is the culprit.

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by ss_ttnc In reply to Booting problems

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by ss_ttnc In reply to Booting problems

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