Booting Troubles

By kal_lmn ·
This is a completely random problem. My computer was working completely fine the night before, went to bed, woke up, and now its encountering a problem. The problem is with visuals during the booting process. It is as if there is no video card when I boot. The monitor says "no signal found" and during boot there is one long beep sound. I checked all connections, moved the video card to a new slot, rebooted several times, and am still getting the same issue. During the boot, I checked the motherboard's debug LED light, and the long beep occurs during the debug step 26. I checked the manual, and step 25 is shadow vbios/video bios, which sounds like what it might be, maybe I just don't see that step because it skips the video bios or something, thus the beep occurs on step 26, but step 26 is clock gen (init clock generator and sensor), I have no idea if THAT is the problem, or its what I think it may be. I don't know what to do. Everything has been working just fine for quite a while now, I don't know what may have caused the problem, but I use my computer a LOT, and its a major part of my life, so I want to fix is as soon as possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

To recap, my computer boots (gets to the FF debug code [boot]), but nothing is shown on my monitor. One beep occurs during step 26 of boot debug on my MB LED light, everything WAS working fine 9 or so hours ago before shutting down, and I have tried moving the video card, checking connections, and rebooting several times.

My computer specs are:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Corsair BFG 1000W Power Supply
EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW MotherBoard
GeForce 9800 GTX+ video card
8 GB OCZ 1600 RAM
Wolfdale E8600 3.3 GHz CPU
Standard DVD drive and Hard Drive
Nothing overclocked or tweaked

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Well, if the computer will not pass POST

by robo_dev In reply to Booting Troubles

My first guess is the video card failed, my second guess is the MOBO.

IF you could get into BIOS, you should disable video ROM shadowing, that's not needed. Back when computers were slow, it helped to copy video ROM to RAM, but that's not needed anymore.

But since the MOBO is having problems, you cannot get into BIOS. The first thing is to see if the MOBO has a reset jumper or other procedure to reset the settings to factory defaults. That might get it going. It could just be that the configuration hiccuped and needs a reset.

The other thing would be to try another video card. Typically a loooooong beep on POST is bad video. It's a long beep because you cannot see it.

Also unplug anything else that might be messing with your boot sequence, even RAM. I assume the MOBO has no on-board VGA? (eg boot without video card)

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Trying right now

by kal_lmn In reply to Booting Troubles

I already unplugged my computer, took out the MOBO battery, and let it sit there at the time of posting the original question. after reading the first response, I pressed the "reset CMOS" button on my motherboard. So should I let it sit there for a while then put the battery back in, plug the PS cord back in, then try turning it on? I don't have another video card to try sadly, so if this resetting CMOS doesn't work, then I need a new card or MOBO?

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Personally I would opt for the M'Board in this case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Booting Troubles

They are not the most reliable around and pairing it to a Good Power Supply only points more to the M'Board.

On the up side they have a 3 Year Warranty so it may still be Under Guarantee and it will be repaired/replaced depending on the Country Agents availability.


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by kal_lmn In reply to Booting Troubles

OK, so I tried moving the video card to several different slots, checking connections, rebooting many times, unplugged everything and reset the cmos via the "reset" button on the mobo, dusconnected RAM, CPU, and video card, then booted, reconnected one, rebooted, reconnected another, rebooted, etc...

It just seems its either my video card or my motherboard... THOUGH, there is ONE major difference now... after resetting the cmos, the debug LED now shows error "7F" which stands for POST error. It isnt a LOOOONG beep, medium length, shorter than "No RAM" beep, still occurs around the LED 26 light, but the LED continues to 7F like I stated. Should I just upgrade my PC and buy a new mobo, video card and CPU? It was due for an upgrade anyways, just sucks that I'm forced to due to an error.

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Test the video card first

by dougcollinsuk In reply to Booting Troubles

The cheapest option would be to either test your video card in a different pc - or install a basic cheap video card in your pc - to prove the cause of the boot fault. In either case you don't need to boot into Windows - the BIOS screens would be sufficient to prove you have a working video output. In similar situation I have disconnected the hard drive to avoid any reconfig of Windows until I have proved the video hardware is working. If the video card is faulty then you can purchase a good quality video card without wasting your money.

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