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    Booting USB Thumbdrives


    by firebugsbm ·

    I have been trying to work on making a usb thumbdrive bootable into DOS. I’ve been to a few websites where they’ve given step by step instructions as to how to do it. I managed to get it to be semi-bootable after trial and error with a couple utilities.

    Even setting usb to boot first before hard drive I couldn’t get it to set up the thumbdrive as the primary, so i disconnected the power cable from the hard drive. I’ve gotten it to boot by using fdisk and format /s commands.

    My problem is that I can’t get it to boot to usb as long as an internal hdd is connected. As well so far it only seems to work in the computer I created it on and no others.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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      if you change the order in which your computer is booted, it should fix the problem. The Hard Drive is booting before USB devices, Move USB infront of it in the boot list and BAM. tap F6, F8, or delete depending on your machine to enter the boot menu after power on.

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