Booting Virtualization

By manoj.manu.jain ·
Hey guys... help me out from virtualization..!!
I just want to make bootable virtualization..!! whenevr i start want to start pc i just want to see every virtualization image in my boot menu; like dual booting..!!!

so please help me how to do it..!! i try through windows virtual pc 2007 but it didn't do any help..!! please guys...

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by manoj.manu.jain In reply to See Article

Thanx but i want to run on booting time not after windows logon..!!!

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Good luck!!

by BrianW619 In reply to Booting Virtualization

MS Virtual PC is probably not robust enough to handle dual boot virtualization. You need a program like VMWare ESX to run on "bare metal".



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by manoj.manu.jain In reply to Good luck!!

Thanx for advice me..!!!

Is there any additional hardware requirement to run VMWare ESX..
Can i use VMWare Workstation 7 to run dual booting virtualization.. is it possible through this..!!!

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by Bruce Epper In reply to Booting Virtualization

You are confusing multi-booting with virtualization. They are not the same thing.

If you have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate, you can use native VHD booting to achive something similar, but you can only do it with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Otherwise, you just have to go through the old-fashioned way and install all of the different operating systems you want on the metal.

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