bootmgr missing windows 7?

By sanwardak ·
I want to recover a bootmgr in windows 7 homw premium on HP G61 laptop. I dont have the desk for the same version I have ultamte X64. Now the problem is the factory recovery partation bootmgr is also missing. So I can not restore it to factory mode. Is there anyway I can fix the recovery partation? One more thing the Recovery folder on drive is shows it is emty, but if I go to the properaties of the it is 11.2 GB used free space is 2.2 GB. Is this because hidden file and folder or there is something wrong with whole recovery partation.


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Well according to M$ at least

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to bootmgr missing windows 7 ...

All versions of 7 are on the 1 Disc it all depends on the Product Key that is entered as to what is activated for use.

Well that's true to the extend that all 32 Bit Versions are on the 1 DVD and all 64 Bit Versions are on a different DVD.

So provided that you have the right DVD type 32 or 64 Bit you should be able to use that to rebuild the system.

As to the Recovery Partition this is Hidden from Windows to prevent alterations you need to open it with something else to view it so in light of the Proprieties you have given I would say that it's Intact and usable.

HP also have the ability to make a Install Disc you'll have to read the Destruction Manual for that but it's a 1 use only thing and if it's been used already you'll have to contact HP for a Recovery Set.


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I have tryed to recover it with ultimate version

by sanwardak In reply to bootmgr missing windows 7 ...

I have tryed to recover it with ultimate version, it was giving option of 32 bit and 64 bit but all of them were ultimate. So I did not bother to install as it installed version home basic. And the second thing is I can not read sticker code product key sticker is worn and 2 or 3 number are deleted. I have tryed and boot to factory recovery by help of other bootable disk, and it retored to 24% and error came up bootmgr could not be restore faild to complete the restore. So you thing the factory recovery will be still usable if some how I fix the recover bootmgr. Will hp will provide me the disk If contact them?


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Well I can not talk for what HP Canada will actually do

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to bootmgr missing windows 7 ...

But if the recovery partition is gone and isn't doing the required job that's all you have left available to you.

I personally don't like the Burn your Own Disc's option as Owners have proved completely incapable over the years of keeping any Disc's that come with their computers let alone waste their money by burning a Disc and then storing it properly. Most simply do not bother and even if they did most throw these away at the first opportunity.

But it seems that HP is your only current alternative.


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You don't want to install it.

by seanferd In reply to bootmgr missing windows 7 ...

You just want to load the recovery console and fix the boot issue.

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Reponse To Answer

by sanwardak In reply to You don't want to install ...

to ovide reinstallaing

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HP _recovery console

by de.doughboy In reply to bootmgr missing windows 7 ...

I had this problem with an HP-mini and had to take it back to the shop I bought it at to have it restored for $50. HP loads proprietary software on the first 100mb of the boot disk and unless you had previously cloned the drive you wont be able to boot it. I seriously doubt I will ever buy another HP - Compac for this very reason.

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard In reply to HP _recovery console

Virtually all manufacturers use the same method. The bootmgr partition must be active before the system will boot. The first thing you should do after getting to the desktop of a new pc is make recovery dvd's. It's a pain, but once you have them, you can always put it back into factory fresh condition.

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Yes I am sick of HP laptops

by sanwardak In reply to bootmgr missing windows 7 ...

Two of my friends got the same modeal. After a while when they try to restore it factory mode, the F11 recovery will not work. They have to pay future shop $100 to make them recovery disk. So now each time something gose wrong I have to fix them. I dont know why these companies no longer include a DVD disk with it products.

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Reponse To Answer

by Who Am I Really In reply to Yes I am sick of HP lapto ...

it's not just HP, everyone does it now

if they have the exact same model then their recovery disc set will restore your system

they don't ship the discs anymore because people toss them out with the box
and then they can't buy them from the Mfg. because the Mfg. already supplied it

Mfg.s using the recovery partition model, can sell you the discs after the fact
and those discs are normally containing the VLK activated install

The old model of ship the system pre-installed and ship a disc set with it
usually means that if you use the discs to recover you then have to enter the COA from the sticker during the install and be continuously harassed by the WGA or WAT program checking your license status several times a day

I don't like the recovery partition model which is why the first thing I do is get an OEM system builder disc, collect the hardware info, get the correct drivers, wipe the system with DBAN, and do a fresh bare install

nor do I like the burn your own, especially those that have an only one burn allowed counter
if the burn bombs out with bad discs then yer hooped and have to order a recovery set anyway
and if it does manage to burn a set and you recover from that set you can't burn another set from the freshly recovered system because the counter is still at 0

the HP G61 is only part of the model name / number
there are 22 matches on the HP site:

22 matches found. Please select one below

HP G61-600 Notebook PC series
* HP G61-631NR Notebook PC
* HP G61-632NR Notebook PC

HP G61-500 Notebook PC series
* HP G61-511WM Notebook PC

HP G61-400 Notebook PC series
* HP G61-408CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-409CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-420CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-423CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-424CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-428CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-429WM Notebook PC
* HP G61-448CA Notebook PC

HP G61-300 Notebook PC series
* HP G61-300CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-304NR Notebook PC
* HP G61-306NR Notebook PC
* HP G61-320CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-320US Notebook PC
* HP G61-321NR Notebook PC
* HP G61-322NR Notebook PC
* HP G61-323CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-327CL Notebook PC
* HP G61-329CA Notebook PC
* HP G61-336NR Notebook PC

I don't know which exact model you have but just doing a random selection
the Order Recovery Media (???1) appears when selecting the OS the unit shipped with

and why would anyone pay future pukes $100.00 to make the recovery discs
when HP will sell the full recovery set for less than that
last set I ordered was $42.02 delivered
and that was for a 5 year old vista system

the marionettes will dance if you pull the correct strings
I got HP to call me by notifying the web master of a major omission on their site:

" - if your billing address on your CC is different from the shipping address you can't order the recovery media"

so they called me after a single email exchange with the web master
and after that one call I had recovery media in the air on the way express shipped to me

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