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    Bootproblem on duplicate WinXP partition


    by kevelaerts ·

    I use Partition Magic v8.0 to create 2 primary (10BG) and 1 extended partition on a 80GB HDD.

    Then I install Windows XP and all other stuff on the first primary partition. After everyting is OK, I use Norton Ghost to duplicate the first partition to the second.

    After duplication, I install GAG v4.5, which is a boot manager.

    The first partition will boot regularly.
    The second partition boots but hangs at the Windows Splash screen even before reaching the the user-selection-screen.

    I’m quite sure the problem is not caused by the bootmanager, since the 2nd partition boots.

    After having done a complete manual installation on the 2nd partition, no starting problems occur while booting with GAG. So, this makes me think the problem is caused by WindowsXP.

    The problem occurs after 9 duplications out of 10, whatever the sizes of the primary partitions are.

    Does WindowsXP keep track of an installation-address or something like that ? The bootmanager-deveoper told me so, without going into details.

    So, howq can I duplicate a WindowsXP partition without having startup-problems afterwards ?

    Many thx.

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      Reply To: Bootproblem on duplicate WinXP partition

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to Bootproblem on duplicate WinXP partition

      mmmm…without the boot manager, xp maybe using same boot.ini file for all, yes? so do you have boot.ini entry pointing correctly to the new xp volume(s)
      you may be able to use fixboot from the Recovery Console to create the entries for you…

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        Reply To: Bootproblem on duplicate WinXP partition

        by kevelaerts ·

        In reply to Reply To: Bootproblem on duplicate WinXP partition

        I added I comment, so the question stays open and other people can still help me.

        First of all, I thought that a boot-partition could not start when it is physically located behind the 8GB-limit, and for one installation it worked. But later on, the problem arised on partitions of only 6GB, where the statup is clearly before the 8GB limit. So I thinh the problem can’t be one of this order.

        Do you have other things on your mind ?

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      Reply To: Bootproblem on duplicate WinXP partition

      by kevelaerts ·

      In reply to Bootproblem on duplicate WinXP partition

      With the GAG-bootmanager you can set inactive partitions visible or hidden. So I set them visible. Then, from the first partition, I modify the Boont.ini of the 2nd (non-starting) partition to point to the correct physical partition on the correct physical disk. Even after this operation a normal startup is not possible from the 2nd partition.

      I could try to repair the boot.ini from the XP repair-console, but obviously I did the job manually.

      The only difference between duplicated partitions is that they are located on a different place on the HDD and consequently start from a different phyical address (Cylinder & Sector).

      Does WindowsXP really remember at what physical address on HDD it has been installed ?

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