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Bootup takes 4 minutes

By PC Dudette ·
I have a question about my Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop I thought I?d ask before resorting to calling Dell support.

Recently, it has started a very slow startup routine that I cannot pinpoint. When I turn it on, the Dell splash screen appears and then a black blank screen sits there for 4 minutes, then the Windows splash screen appears, sits on the welcome screen for one minute, then finishes booting up to the desktop. Everything else works fine.

What I?ve done so far: I have McAffee antivirus and firewall installed and updated, and did a deep scan. I used Spyware Doctor, Adaware and Microsofts Beta Spyware to scan for the spyware stuff, and used HijackThis! to clean out items that are no longer valid. Ran defrag and chkdsk. The system is as clean as can be, short of reformatting the harddrive. I?ve researched the Dell forum for similar issues, and also the internet as well. Nothing comes close to anyone posting this type of issue. I do not really want to reformat the harddrive because I do not think that is the issue, maybe the motherboard? Like I said, everything else works perfect, it?s not slow, performance is great, etc.

I have a drive image with XP and Office only that was done in 2003. I also did a Ghost image this past weekend (took 14 CDs and nearly 3 hours!) I could restore the 2003 image, and then selectively restore the programs from the Ghost image. Not sure if a Window repair can be considered since not positive if the registry is the culprit.
Any thoughts, ideas, etc. are welcome and thank you in advance!

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by jkaras In reply to Bootup takes 4 minutes

Dont laugh but we have these at our work for certain employees, the 8100 that is. This one of the biggest banes of our support. The issue simply is a dead battery in the main battery port. If you pop the battery out it will boot right up. For some reason it is a gliche with their laptops when you have the ac adapter plugged with a dead battery it will not switch to the ac current but still try from the battery. If you pop them both out you will see one battery dead according to the tell lights and the other fully charged!!! WE figured it out here by accident when swapping out the battery. I am sure this is the issue, try it. Let me know if I am right.

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by willcomp In reply to Bootup takes 4 minutes

When I read your question, first thing that came to mind was that it was looking for a non-existent network connection.

Then I read jkaras' response. He has experience with the same problem and is likely correct.

However, it if is not a battery problem, take a look at network settings.


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by PC Dudette In reply to

Hey, thanks for the tip on the battery.
I finally got some time to test it out by removing the battery and then putting it back in. On battery alone, it booted up normal and FAST! No blank waiting screen. VERY strange since the BIOS reads the battery as 98% charged!!
Thanks a bunch again!

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by PC Dudette In reply to Bootup takes 4 minutes

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