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My desktop OS Vista beeps long beeps for periods of approx. 30 & then stops & start again, usualy during some cpu intensive operations, what could be cause of it & what should I check?

Thanks Bor

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cpu temp?

by balge In reply to Bor

sounds like a CPU temperature warning could be software or in your BIOS, check for monitoring configuration
If the system is overheating check CPU fan works, airways not congested etc.
let me know how you go

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This sounds like a BIOS Alarm

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Bor

You'll need to open the BIOS in your System and look at warnings there and make the necessary changes. Because this is Hardware Related we can not tell you where in the BIOS you'll need to look as different BIOS's have this located in different places.

However there are programs that run under Windows that Monitor your System Information things like System Information Viewer can be used in Windows to see what is happening. Quite often things like Case Fans can be enabled and this will set off an Alarm when there are no Case Fans connected.


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More information needed.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Bor

To determine the exact meaning of the beep code, we would need to know exactly what the make and model are for the motherboard, power supply, hard drive(s) and video card (if external).

Beeps are BIOS specific. Most of the time they mean warnings. Yes they normally beep at boot up, but they can beep during operation too. This usually points to CPU or other chips over heating, but can be many other things as well. It's not normally a HD, but we can't rule it out.

Beeps can also be emitted if you've got a virus.

And, beeps can be something as simple as needing to turn on Sticky Keys. You might have a key stuck. The Sticky Key setting is a handicap feature to prevent keys from staying "pressed".

So, if you gave us a bit more to work with, we MIGHT be able to help you diagnose it. If you can't do that, then take the computer to a repair facility so they can diagnose it for you.

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