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I am not a database pro and I believe my problem has to do with the Borland Database Engine. So here it goes:

I have an application that I can load using Administrator permissions but whne I login as the user I get the error: "Network Initialization Failed. Permission Denied." and then it makes references to the local address of the program and the PDOXUSRS.NET file as well. This is what has sent me in the direction of Borland. i have been researching the error but unfortunately, I cannot keep on this problem for too much longer without a resolution - so, I put the question to you.
Your help is GREATLY appreciated!!



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by BobHo In reply to Borland

The file must be in a location where everyone has full access (read,write,create,delete). If you have set up your BDEAdmin info correctly to point to where the file is located (and it sounds like you have) then it is most likely the issue of user rights. Everytime someone tries to use your app they will either create the file if it isn't there or register an entry in it if it is already there. Without full rights this cannot be done.

Post back if this doesn't work.


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